Each studio, in collaboration with their studio reps, created images they felt best fit the theme.

Janet Taub – New Milford, CT @planetphoto_jp

In Frame: Erinn Williams @erinn_willi24 Regan Williams @reganwilliamsss Katie Devine @katiedevinee_ Leah Lawson @leahalawson

Styling: Planet Photo

CT seniors and teens water shoot

I try to do a water shoot every year with my model team and they always look forward to it. Summer has been crazy hot in so many areas of the world, so cooling off in a river, pool, lake or the ocean in the middle of the summer while taking portraits – no wonder they love it!

A lot of my summer clients have been introduced to the idea of ending their shoot in the river and it’s a trend that is catching on. We actually briefly saw a beaver in the river as we were approaching the river (he retreated pretty quickly). We joked that while some of their class mates will be bragging about swimming with dolphins on their summer vacation, not many will say that they swam with a beaver!

Jen Rickard – Lafayette, La @jen_fourjphotography

In Frame: Mallory Harrington @the_mallory_harrington • Blair Bacque @blair_bjb3 • Sydneyy McCool @sydney.mccool • Isabella Couvillion @isabella_couv • Jentci Christian @jentcic12

HMUA: Wendy Campbell • @wendycampbell

For our water shoot we actually headed to Austin Texas. After a long and hot hike down Twin Falls, we had some gorgeous sunset images in the creek.

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