Welcome to Vegas

Glitz, Glitter, Glamour.

Brillant Neon


A visit to Vegas isn’t complete without stopping at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign on Las Vegas Boulevard. 


Created in 1959 by a local artist, Betty Willis, one of the first female Las Vegan neon artists, this iconic sign gives a sense of hope, happiness, and good times.


Willis sold the Vegas sign to Clark County for only $4000 (almost a gift, really), and she refused to copyright it, which is why the sign has been duplicated for all types of souvenirs.


At 25-feet tall, the neon sign welcomes visitors at the southern end of Las Vegas Boulevard for the perfect spot to take selfies or group photos.


Representing Las Vegas, the circles of the “welcome” symbolize the silver dollar and Nevada, which is the “Silver State.”  With a welcome to Las Vegas as visitors enter the city, the back of the sign wishes visitors safe travels and to come again.


As the fabulous sign shines bright every night, and sparkles with lights powered by solar panels, the One Collective determined that sparkles, sequins, and shimmer would compliment this location.


The bling that the OC Reps wear for these photos shows off the glitzy, vibrant city, and the sparkle that each of the reps showcase in their personality.


Shooting this look last in the day, the photographers had to use constant light to photograph in the dark.


Perhaps the reps and photographers will visit again to be photographed in a different “light” of the glamour of the city.