Each studio, in collaboration with their studio reps, created images they felt best fit the theme.

-Earth day OPEN challenge-

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Repurpose.

Earth friendly photoshoot images created using ALL thrifted, recycled, natural items or clothing.

Morgan – Captured by Susan Grace Photography

susangracephotography @susangracephotos

InFrame: Morgan Ruff @m0rgn_inspo @morgan.ruff

HMUA: @mane_appeaalbychiiz

Thrift Store: @platosdeptford


I loved this challenge because it gave me a project that I loved partaking in by using my sewing and fashion design skills to create and up-cycle a finished outfit. I enjoyed the whole process, especially the thrifting.

After thrifting I immediately went home to sketch my ideas then got to work the next day. I was inspired by the colors and textures in the garments. They inspired me by connecting to earth tones. I also looked into the 70s after finding out it was the reference for the shoot, by seeing how carefree their outfits were and also using the different textures and textiles to get a cohesive look.

Whenever I think about Earth day my mind always goes to fast fashion and the waste of clothing. I love thrifting because it helps to reduce waste in the environment and you can always find very unique pieces. Recycling, donating, and up-cycling clothing can help put an end to fast fashion.

I love Earth Day because it reminds everyone that we need to protect and appreciate the natural resources our planet has to offer. I have been into fashion since I was five years old, always sketching and putting random outfits together. I now create my own clothing and plan to attend college as a fashion design major this coming fall at Drexel University. I started my own mask business at the start of the pandemic (@masksbymorgan) and have really enjoyed creating and making masks to help our planet survive this pandemic.

This challenge was perfectly inline with my interests, goals and philosophy. Thanks for continuing to recognize the importance of Earth Day and providing a format for young creatives to showcase their talents.


I follow Morgan on instagram and she always impresses me with her design skills. Morgan always reworks found items into a work of art.

I knew she would love this challenge and I love how she interpreted her thrift store finds. I was happy to help guide her through this challenge and it was fun to watch her thrifting at Plato’s and observing her thought process. This girl might end up in the next cast of Project Runway.

~Susan Grace

Isabel, Morgan, Ashley, Madi, Kaylyn, Megan, Taylor, Veronica and Haley  –

Captured by Gretchen Leigh Photography @gretchenleighphoto

In Frame: Isabel Gibson @isabel_dances__ Morgan MacMonagle @minnybutt Ashley Shelton @_ashley_shelton_ Madi VonAhsen @madivon Kaylyn Keith @kayly_nnn Megan Mitchell @_megan_mitchelll_ Taylor Corbitt @tcorbitt03 Veronica Burson @veronicaburson Haley Estabrook @haley_estabrook

The girls LOVED the idea of a thrifted only shoot!

We spent the morning at two amazing thrift stores, helping each other pick out outfits, took a quick break for lunch and styling, then went off to shoot! Reusing, up-cycling, and repurposing is something that’s really important to Gen Z, as it should be!

I thought the idea of this challenge was amazing. Next time I do it though, I’m going to give everyone time to shop, and then a week or so to alter, manipulate, and put some amazing finishing touches on the outfits to take them to a whole new level! Can’t wait for that!

Kendall – Captured by Richard Parker • @richardparkerio

In Frame: Kendall Rieder @Kendall.Rieder

Thrift Store: Pavement, Austin

90’s all the way with the colorful nylon jacket, corduroy pants and lightening bolt earrings! So rad!

At first we were going to shoot both Kendall’s and Mikayla’s thrift challenge outfit together at the same location. But when Kendall sent me her artwork of an outfit, I was like, “Okay, we need to shoot that downtown with some murals and in some allies!” And that’s what we did.

We shot behind buildings, against murals and even did a little climbing on a few things! Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone!

Mikayla – Captured by Richard Parker • @richardparkerio

InFrame: Mikayla Cowan @ _MikaylaCowan_

Thrift Store: Pavement, Austin

Bringing in pieces from multiple thrift stores made Mikaylas style super cool. Between two different Goodwill stores, Lakeway Thrift and another thrift store called Pavement just north of downtown Austin, she really brought her styling all together and made a super cohesive boho look!

We shot this in a natural setting with creeks, trails and found this beautiful Redbud tree that is set apart from any other blooming tree, right in the middle of a greenbelt here in the Austin area.


Ava – Captured by Susan Grace Photography

susangracephotography @susangracephotos

InFrame: Ava Colonna @ava_marie_c @avas_lookbook

Thrift Store: @platosdeptford @platosmapleshade @goodwillintl


I firmly believe that any small act can help contribute to a bigger goal. That’s why this challenge is so imperative.

Wearing repurposed clothing is such a simple way to help keep the earth cleaner, while still looking fashionable. I chose Gucci advertisements as my inspiration for this challenge.

I went on the hunt for layers, florals, and wanted to combine pieces that would not conventionally be put together. I started with an amazing patchwork jacket I found. It initially caught my eye since patchwork has been a huge trend this season, but it became the centerpiece for the whole look.

I scoured Goodwills until I finally came across this dress with huge shoulder pads. I knew it was perfect as soon as I saw it. While I was happy with my finds, I still wanted to take the look to the next level. When I saw the floral turtleneck, I thought it would be the perfect thing to layer. I found some blue heels which did not match anything, but I had a good feeling they would work. I then decided to wear socks with them to really elevate the look.

As an aspiring stylist, this challenge was so important to me. I have been thrifting items for my closet for so many years, and I’m so happy to see how it has become trendy in the last few months. I truly think about fashion all of the time. I’m either studying designers new lines, watching fashion documentaries, planning an outfit for myself or a client, or out shopping for more clothes.

Having to constantly find unique pieces for myself or one of my clients can be so difficult. I find that thrifting provides new opportunities for clothes you will not find anywhere else. I think that clothes express who we are as people.

I always try to be original in what I wear and style. There’s no other feeling than when you find the most perfect thing that brings a look together, especially at a thrift store. At the end of the day, I feel more accomplished knowing how much work I put in to find that unique and original item than if I just ordered something online that everyone else has. I am so thrilled with the results of this challenge, and I hope it will inspire more people to choose sustainable fashion.

~Ava Colonna

Working with Ava is always an inspiration. When I saw that she was starting a style box biz, I knew she would be perfect to collaborate with.

We decided on GUCCI for inspiration and I think she nailed the style! I love how she mixed prints and textures from the items she thrifted.

I can’t wait to see what she does in the future. I look forward to following her journey.

~Susan Grace


Erinn and Dani – Captured by Janet Taub @planetphoto_jp

InFrame: Erinn Williams @erinn_willi24 • Dani Mazza @daniellamazzza

Thrift Store: @thehuntct and @platosclosetdanbury

The girls had a hard time narrowing down their options for the thrift challenge! There were so many amazing pieces and styles at the thrift stores we checked out.

I think all the girls that took part had thrifted before but having the challenge of the photoshoot made them more open to looking at items that they might have overlooked. I love seeing their creativity and personalities shine.


Emma, Alanna and Dianna – Captured by Shayla Loring Photography

shaylaloring @shaylaloring

InFrame: Emma @Emma_kate.03 • Alanna @alannagracechap • Dianna @dianna.sterba

Thrift Store: @goodwill_cil

IL senior photos thrift shop challenge

Each model went on their own to find their fave outfit from local thrift stores!

Emma’s outfit was topped off with repurposed earrings that her Aunt made! Alanna’s Easter colored nails brought out the colors on the jean jumper and Dianna’s boho vibes were on point!

We used old newspapers for our backdrop – definitely getting into the repurposing aspect of this shoot.


Raina and Brynn – Captured by Towler Photography @ivy_seen

InFrame: Raina P. @makingitraina • Brynn M. @brynn_miller._

Thrift Store: GoodWill


Honestly, as a business owner with a very full life, shopping is lost on me as in I don’t do it for enjoyment but as a necessity.

My daughter however loves a good thrift and enjoys finding a new to her item at a bargain.

A lot of the teens here locally support the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose aspect of thrifting so I knew it could be a fun collaboration. I asked Brynn and Raina to do a bit of a Gucci Runway where the outfits patterns do not need to match in any way shape or form.

They had fun with it and I love what they put together. As for me, I am a mostly natural light photographer but wanted to use my pink backdrop and a studio light.

We set up in my garage of all places and used a single light set up which I rarely use and have not perfected.

We added an old orange chair I snagged out of an alleyway a few years back and a couple of vintage cameras from my collection.

We are happy with how they turned out!

Lyla and Lillie – Captured by Jody Rael Photography. @jodyrael

InFrame: Lyla Miller @lyla.miller • Lillie Newton

HMUA: @ohheyyjas

Thrift Store: @savers_thrift

NV senior photos studio

A boy brought these two friends together only two weeks before this shoot. Lillie’s cousin is Lyla’s boyfriend. Ahhh. :) But we should never snub how a friendship is created, and these two were such fun to shoot together.

They arrived in my studio in their regular street clothes, and I was very excited to hear their story. The pair, Lyla, a junior, and Lillie, a sophomore, found their outfits at Savers Thrift Store. We have a few of these thrift stores in Vegas, and I find all sorts of amazing items for concept shoots for my #JodyRaelSEEN Team.

The girls chose this vintage Beach-Boy vibes look because they felt the 80s look represented a reused style. “We wanted a vintage aesthetic,” Lillie said. “After thinking of vintage, we wanted to do mostly 80s since we both enjoy that look a lot! Thankfully, it didn’t take too long to find something we both liked.” Lyla continued the story, expressing their frustration at not finding items in the women’s section that fit with their vintage 80s vibe.

Undeterred, the friends ventured over to the men’s department and found the jewels they were looking for: two oversized, comfy, and fashionably vintage shirts. Along with the jeans and shorts, they spent a little less than $20 each! We wanted to match the causal look of Lillie and Lyla’s outfits, and found this amazing gate and these painted electrical boxes.

These 11 images only give a taste of the fun we had with Lyla and Lillie and we hope to shoot with them more next year!

Miranda, Brooke, Samantha and Elizabeth – Captured by Studio E Photography. @studioe

InFrame: Miranda Romero @miranda.n.romero • Brooke Maynez @therealbrookek • Samantha Jurney @samanthxrae • Elizabeth Cervantes- Vanderlugt @izzycv_10

HMUA: Each Studio Rep did their own

Thrift Store: @myrichsisters

This was the first shoot since the pandemic hit that we did as a group. As a Senior Portrait Photographer, I have to just take a minute to say how nice it was so nice to hear group teen girl chatter!

We chose to highlight a small business in our community, My Rich Sister’s Closet, in Mesilla New Mexico. Like many of our small businesses, their cozy High End Consignment Shop has seen the lull in business.

We also wanted to bring attention, for the younger crowd, to the resources in our town for reducing, recycling, reusing and purchasing sustainable items. The gals were super excited to explore all the high end brands in store – Parada, AllSaints, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Burberry, were just a few.

Each Gal tried on a few different outfit combinations before settling on a final look like they liked best to highlight in their images. We just used the area within a block or two of My Rich Sister’s as it is nestled in the heart of Historic Mesilla. PLUS we were shooting in clothing totaling over $2k so getting in and out of it with as little wear as possible was everyone’s goal!

DP Crew – Captured by Matthew Koller. @distphoto

InFrame: ahna voelz @ahnavoelz • Jenna Strei @jenna.strei • JoLee Klingeisen @joleeklingeisen • Paige Beran @paigeberan • Peyton Bocik @peyton.bocik • Zoie McDonald  @zoiemcd04 • Rylee Pirlott @ryleepirlott • Victoriana Neeley @victorianamichellee • Zandrea McGeshick @zandreamcgeshick

Thrift Store: @platosclosetgreenbay, @platosclosetappleton, @poshmark, @stvincentdepaul_gb, @goodwill,

Green Bay Senior Portraits

As people are learning of the environmental, economic and social impact of fast fashion they are looking for ways to make a difference. Thrifting is just one way you can reduce your carbon footprint while still expressing yourself and having fun with fashion!!!

Thrift shopping has long been a favorite activity for us as a family but not necessarily for sustainability reasons. We love the thrill of finding unique pieces for a bargain!

With this in mind we challenged the DP Crew members new and old to style an outfit from thrift store finds to see what they would come up with. Then, we got together and did a shoot at the Premier and it was a total blast! I’m not sure that we converted any of them to love thrift store shopping like we do but we sure had fun trying!

Rachel and Melody – Captured by Michelle Morahan. 

Instagram: @mmmmorahan

In Frame: Rachel Morahan @morahan_rachel22 • Melody Miller @miller_melody22

HMUA: @mmmmorahan

Thrift Store: @savers_thrift @rerunthrift @salthriftstore @goodwillnow

Ohio thrift challenge photos

When we heard about the Thrift Earth Day Challenge being open to anyone on Instagram, it sounded like a great opportunity to do something fun at a time when we have been so restricted to doing things with friends and family due to the Pandemic.

Although we may not be professional models and photographers, we do consider ourselves to be professional Thrift Store Shoppers (LOL).

We also love the outdoors and we understand the importance of taking care of our environment. The Miller Family and the Morahan Family decided to join forces and created a Double Mother/Daughter Duo. The four of us got together for a full day of shopping at multiple Thrift Stores; We met to discuss our ideas for the photo shoot(s) and where we might want to go for pictures and then we made it happen.

We searched Pinterest, YouTube and other sites to help us with ideas, but we actually decided to go our own way and just wing it. We knew we wanted to shoot outdoors to display the beauty that surrounds us.

Our photos had to reflect the use of repurposed and/or recycled clothing and we felt we should include things from our environment that we need to survive, such as: fresh air, plants, trees, food and water.

We enjoyed spending creative time together with our daughters, shopping, planning, painting jeans, learning to apply makeup and style hair, and ultimately take photos (so many things that girls love to do).

One of the things we enjoyed most during our shooting was finding this little French Bakery in our neighborhood that we didn’t even know existed. The Manager came out and was very supportive and enthusiastic of what we were doing. He offered us some free hot chocolate and asked if we minded if he took some pictures of the girls modeling in front of his business. We then went in doors for a bite to eat and the sandwiches there were absolutely amazing. We took more pictures inside, and the girls even put on a ball cap and t-shirt to represent the bakery for him.

We had a couple challenges with hair and makeup because by all means, we are not experts; but I would say our biggest challenge was the lighting and shadowing that we were getting while shooting. Since we are not professionals, we didn’t have any of the special reflectors or lighting equipment needed to help us capture that perfect picture but I think we did pretty good for being amateurs.

We really enjoyed doing this Thrift – Earth Day Challenge because we were able to have some fun and share in a unique, meaningful way as mothers, daughters and friends. It was a great bonding experience and at the same time, we have so many wonderful pictures to remind us of the quality time we spent together.

Thank you for allowing us to take part in this special challenge.

Michelle Morahan (Mother & Photographer)

Rachel Morahan (Daughter & Model)

Melody Miller (Dear Friend & Model)

Tonya Miller (Dear Friend & Planning Aid)

Maddy and Summer – Captured by Jody Rael Photography. @jodyrael

InFrame: Maddy Pettigrew @maddypettigrew • Summer Van Houweling @summer.vanhouweling

HMUA: @ohheyyjas

Thrift Store: @savers_thrift @platoscloset @goodwillvegas

NV senior photos thrift challenge

Maddy and Summer are two uncomplicated girls. Maddy, a junior, and Summer, a freshman, wanted an outfit they could wear again and that fit their style. But their adventures to achieve this look made them bold in their shopping excursions.

To create their final look, they shopped at three Vegas stores: Savers, Goodwill, and Plato’s Closet, which are recycled clothing shops. At one point, the perfect shirt was already claimed—by a mannequin. That did not stop Maddy and Summer from stealing right of the dummy’s back! The simple white cropped tops pair easily with distressed jeans or high-waisted shorts, and comfy sneakers.

Along with the silver locket and ring Maddy found, and Summer’s tree of life pendant, their looks were complete. The simplicity of the style allowed our locations, and the girls themselves, to stand out in the photos. We wanted to feature nature.

After all, while this is a Thrift Challenge, we wanted to celebrate the earth and its beauty, even in a concrete desert like Las Vegas. In the first few images, the blank white wall lined with fuzzy juniper trees and tall tropical palm trees created the texture and color. And then we found the sunset just as it fell behind the Spring Mountains on Las Vegas’s western border.

Sunsets in Vegas only last about 5 minutes. Once the sun drops behind the rocky hills, it gets dark very quickly. Just before the end of twilight, our adventure brought us to this amazing hummingbird mural. We felt that, once again, the beauty of our world was captured specifically for our use. The manmade mural was a testament to the beauty of earth; and Maddy and Summer, just another decoration to earth’s splendor.

Maria, Leah, Peyton and Devon – Captured by Miss Pearl Photography. @misspearlphoto

InFrame: Leah Frantz @leah.frantz • Maria Villatoro @ria.villatoro • Peyton Crumly @peyton.m.crumly • Devon Decker @devon.decker.13

Thrift Store: Burgundy Corset-Maria @goodwill Pink shirt-Leah @goodwill Black corset/white shirt- Peyton black corset @goodwill White shirt @redandleevintage Boy-Devon  @goodwill

Muscatine, Iowa thrift challenge photo shoot

I worked to shoot these images a bit more editorial with movement and man did the wind create a challenge that day! 30mph winds while we were shooting.

I thrifted the green chair from facebook marketplace and it provided the perfect prop. I wanted a modern background to counteract the vintage/thrifted feel of the outfits.

I love the fact that this generation of kids is already out there thrifting on a daily basis. It is important to remember that everything we buy, everything we throw away has an impact and if we can reuse/reduce/recycle it helps our planet now and into the future.

Challenges of thrifting are usually shoes ;) Our local goodwill didn’t have a great selection of shoes for the kids to chose from so they used what they already had in their closets.

Melody – Captured by Tonya Miller. 

InFrame: Melody Miller @miller_melody22

HMUA: Tonya Miller

Thrift Store: @savers_thrift @sathriftstore @rerunthrift @goodwillnow

This Earth Day Challenge was a lot of fun. My best friend and our moms did the thrift store shopping and photo shoot together.

Going to different thrift stores and seeing what unique things each one had to offer was really interesting. We had lots of laughs. Some days were better than others. We tried our best to think outside of the box, but some of our ideas came together while some did not.

The hardest part about this photo shoot was taking pictures in the swim spa. It was really hard to collect enough recyclables to put around me. It was also hard keeping all of the recyclables in one area. They all wanted to float away. We used pool noodles to keep the recyclables in one place. I really liked the warm water but it felt really weird to wear such a nice dress in the swim spa.

The most enjoyable part of the photo shoot was getting to paint a pair of jeans. My mom and I always go all out when we paint our car windows for my dance competitions. It’s something fun we do together and it shows our support for the team.

We came up with the fun idea to paint a pair of jeans we thrifted to show our support for Earth Day. Doing this Earth Day photo shoot has brought more attention to me about all of the trash that you really see while driving around town.

Also by doing this photo shoot challenge I’ve noticed all the hard work that photographers have to put into planning a photoshoot. It really goes unnoticed how much hard work photographers put in on a daily basis.

~Melody Miller

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