Sofia – Featured Studio Rep – Las Vegas 2021

Sofia Forrest Turner

Instagram | @sofiaforrestturner

Photographer | Jody Rael, Las Vegas, NV
Instagram | @jodyrael
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Everyone’s life contains certain experiences or memories which define them. One defining experience in my life was my trip to France about a year and a half ago. As it was my first time traveling to Europe, I was thrilled to see a whole new part of the world. The excitement of landing at the airport and seeing my first glimpse of France is something I will never forget. I still remember walking along the simply breathtaking beach in Nice and never wanting to leave. The trip changed my life because it truly showed me that there’s a whole world beyond my Las Vegas community. It opened my eyes to just how much more of the world I have left to see.

After that trip to France I found my love for travel and new adventures. I decided that throughout my life I want to see as much of the world as I can. Understanding the vastness of our world and meeting people from far away places truly changed me. Because of that experience, I have become more aware and have gained an entirely new outlook on life.