St. Louis EDITION 2024

saturday, April 6, 2024      #onecollective        #ocStL24

Gateway to the West

Meet us in the fiercely independent and vibrant river town of St. Louis.

Famous for its Gateway Arch and the historical significance as the jumping-off point for Westward expansion, St. Louis has deep roots.

Just as the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers merge here, this eclectic city blends layers of Midwest modesty with depth and complexity of historical and modern influences.

Join us as we explore the iconic Union Station, Gateway Arch, and the weirdly wonderful City Museum.

Are you a photographer interested in joining?

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Participating Studios

Gretchen Leigh Photography

Photog: Gretchen Higgins


Jody Rael Photography

Photog: Jody Rael
Video: Mindy Brunkhardt
Photog: Shelly Labrier
Photog: Justin Labrier


Two Girls and a Lens

Photog: Seeley Casey


Coffy Creations

Photog: Isaac Coffy


Distinction Photo

Photog: Matthew Koller


Planet Photo

Photog: Janet Taub


Shayla Loring Photography

Photog: Shayla Smith


Mississippi Pearl Photography

Photog: Michale Crumly


Kate DeCoste Photography

Photog: Kate DeCoste


Studio Panache

Photog: Lisa Smith


Four J Photography

Photog: Jen Rickard


Style Guide

Jazz-influenced fashion during the 1920s was an exciting amalgam of garments, accessories, and textiles.

For this style, we are focusing on a put-together look featuring fitted collar shirts with suspenders, fitted vests, and pleated pants.

Accessorize with heavy gold or silver rings, watches, and a coordinating newsboy or felt fedora hats.

Jazz Swagger Style Board

Boho style is all about comfort. Rock Boho embraces the rock-and-roll world, using grungy, layered styling and lots of details.

Long, flowing tops, dresses, or kimonos in various patterns and colors. Fitted, ripped jeans or frayed jean shorts.

For guys, look for bold colored and patterned v-neck or button-down shirts. Pair with loose jeans, with ripped knees or not. Accessorize with layers of vests and jackets. 

For both guys & girls, don’t forget lots of accessories - rings, bracelets, sunglasses, a hat. Embellish your outfit with feathers, beads, and leather accents. Cowboy, combat, or heeled boots would all be great options.

Rock Boho Style Board

A giant parachute dress looks great in any location.

Downtown between skyscrapers, at the city botanical gardens, on the steps of the city library, or under the Gateway Arch.

For the ladies, look for any type of dress that flows easily. And pair it with extra fabric in a similar shade (6 to 8 yards) from the fabric store. 

For the guys, a pair of nice, loose fitting pants and a comfortable (not white) button-up shirt.

For men, a parachute or fabric is still a great prop, and can still show power and strength.

The two items (a subject and the fabric) together will fill the frame of the photo and fit the iconic location.

Fly Away Style Board