Each studio, in collaboration with their studio reps, created images they felt best fit the theme.

-This month’s challenge theme-


Each studio, in collaboration with their studio reps, created images they felt best fit the theme.

Jen Rickard – Lafayette, LA @jen_fourjphotography

Studio Reps: Elisabeth Boyer @elisabethmboyer • Madison Breaux @madii.breaux • Kelsie Broussard @kelsie_k02 • Anna Cain @ak.cain • Chloe Clause @chloe_clause0905 • Jadyn Devillier @jadyndevillier • Audrey Domingue @audreydomingue • Annalise Goutierrez @annalise.goutierrez • Sadie-lynn Gumela @s.adielynn • Delaina Leblanc @delainaleblancc • Ashlynn LeFevre @_ashlynn.rose_ • Micaiah McZeal @micaiahjaee • Ava Mury @avamury • Claire Roy @claireelizabethxo • Kamryn Miller @kamryn_miller14 • Mia Romero @miarenee1031 • Emily Schneider @emilyyraineee

Layfayette Senior Photographer Sparkle

My models learned a lot in 2020:

“It has taught me to appreciate the time I have with my family and friends because there’s no guarantee of the time we have together. It has taught me to be more appreciative and to take care of myself at the same time!” ~Micaiah McZeal

“2020 has taught me to not take anything for granted, because even the simplest things can be taken away from you.” ~Emily Schneider

“What I learned from 2020, was that you can’t take life for granted. So many things have been brought to light to me during this pandemic and I never really saw just how much we are blessed with. Something I am looking forward to in 2021, is a new beginning; a fresh start. I’m looking forward to growing and hopefully being able to enjoy like how it was before the pandemic. I’m excited for college and more family time and just overall starting out on a new adventure and a new chapter of life.” ~Audrey Domingue

“I have learned that 2020 was a year to have patience and it was a time for family and to hold close to them because you I never know what could happen next in this crazy time.” ~Kelsie Broussard

“One thing I learned in 2020 is to never take anything for granted and how to make the best out of a bad situation.” ~Annalise Goutierrez

“In 2020 I learned more about how to stay motivated and positive through hard times.” ~Anna Cain

“I think the most valuable thing i have taken away from 2020 is to be appreciative of the small things in life. because of the craziness of this year, it was so tempting to slip into the habit of focusing on the negative, however i learned that maintaining a positive outlook and celebrating even the smallest of victories was essential. it definitely helped me to get through this year.” ~Ava Mury

They are looking forward to 2021:

“I am most looking forward to growing more as an individual and seeing what God has in store for me and my life ❤️” ~Claire Roy

“I am looking forward to starting the college chapter of my life! I am moving out of my home town for the first time in my life to the big city of Baton Rouge and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for me!” ~Jadyn Devillier

Janet Taub- New Milford, CT   @planetphoto_jp

Studio Reps: Susannah @susanhhah • Dani @daniellamazzza • Sam @samlmcc04 • Erinn @erinn_willi24 • Isabelle @isabellethomp

Wishing everyone a new year that sparkles with joy, health, and happiness!

Kara Zollos @studioz_photo

Studio Models: Emma Petzinger @emmapetz13 • Brook Sustar @brooke_sustar • Lauren Fogarty @laurenfogarty_  • Ella Fisher @ellafisher2003 • Paige Kay @paige_kay5

Avon Senior Photographer

“She leaves a little bit of sparkle everywhere she goes.” ~ Kate Spade

And let’s face it, you can never have enough sparkle on New Year’s Eve!!

Susan Gietka – Hammonton, NJ

susangracephotography  @susangracephotos

Studio Reps: Ava Colonna @ava_marie_c


Hammonton Senior Photographer

“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably.” – Walt Disney


Richard Parker – Austin, TX

Studio Rep: Evie Rossmann @evierossmann
StudioRep: @jodyrael
HMUA: @amrabeauty_
HMUA: @raelenemua_
HMUA: @jasmin_ochoa__

Austin Senior Photographer

Every girl needs a sparkly, sequin romper for that New Year’s Eve Party, or that Grand Opening Gala, or a fun filled day of shopping! YES, even a day of shopping!

Kate DeCoste – Wahoo, NE @katedecoste

In Frame: @kelsieraesears
Styling: @desertrepublic

Location: Wahoo, Nebraska

Wahoo NE photographer

Wendy Ewing- Las Cruces, NM

Studio E Photography @studioe

Studio Reps:  Samantha Jurney @samanthaxrae

Boutique: Cami dress from @desertrepublic

*SPARKLE* “I encourage you to remember that you are, indeed, as the stars. You glow with the same intensity. The answers that you seek outside of yourself may very well be found within the cosmic intelligence inside you. Go ahead; show the world what you are made of! Sparkle, shine, light the way, and brightly blaze as you are meant to do.” ~Mishi McCoy

Jody Rael – Las Vegas, NV

Jody Rael Photography @jodyrael

Studio Reps: Madison Piekarski @madisonpiekarski • Sofia Forrest-Turner @sofiaforrestturner • Eleni Ciulla @eleniciulla • Lyla Miller @lyla.miller • Bianca Capanna @bianca_capanna • Jordyn DeKoven @jordyn_dekoven • Cody Schaefer @cody.schaefer

HMUAs: @jasmin_ochoa__ • @raeleneMUA_ • @amrabeauty_

Jody Rael Sofia Forrest Turner sparkle hero image

The New Year sparkles with hope for a brighter future. We bring the spark from within us into the world. Through us, our actions and behavior, we brighten the lives of our family and friends, and the people around us.

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