San Diego EDITION 2023

Saturday & Sunday,
February 25 & 26     #onecollective     #ocsd23

Golden Sand & Sea 

Renowned for its idyllic climate, 70 miles of pristine beaches and a dazzling array of world-class attractions, San Diego calls to the adventurers.

The sandstone cliffs and caves the along the coastline provide texture behind the fine sandy beaches. Very occasionaly, the jut of a pier sticks out into the water, creating an intriguing backdrop layered atop an otherwise glass-like smooth ocean of water. Unless the waves have reached their peak at the changing of the tide, in which case prepare for amazing waves and an ever changing vista.

Further inland, pockets of cultural neighborhoods, such as Balboa Park, Mission Beach Boardwalk, Liberty Station, Gaslamp Quarter, Little Italy, and Coronado Island, provide historical and iconic architecture and streets filled with life.

You will not want to miss this fun-filled photo event in one of the most iconic cities in the United States.

Come explore sunny SoCal with friends, old and new.

Location : San Diego

The Photographers

Planet Photo

Photog: Janet Taub

Studio Panache

Photog: Lisa Smith

Jody Rael Photography

Photog: Jody Rael

Photog: Shelly Labrier

Photog: Justin Labrier

Video: Mindy Brunkhardt

Gretchen Leigh Photography

Photog: Gretchen Higgins

Shayla Loring Photography

Photog: Shayla Samples

The Reps

las vegas senior photographer

Dylan Hagenburger

cadeegrieff- Shayla Loring Photography_1900

Cadee Grieff

SLP_ColbyGrieff05 - Shayla Loring Photography

Colby Grieff


Erinn Williams

las vegas senior portrait photography

Isaiah Bullard

las vegas senior portrait photography

Matthew Kaspar

GretchenHiggins-ReaganHukari-Hero - Gretchen Higgins

Reagan Hukari

las vegas senior portrait photography

David Stowers

GretchenHiggins-ElleLiebendorfer-Hero - Gretchen Higgins

Elle Liebendorfer


Peyton Hickey

Style Guide

Trendy athletic clothing with a touch of sophistication.

This is about upstyling that sports practice outfit with designed flair.

To create this look of stylized activewear, think about

  • Pairing heels with a leopard skin sports coat, mesh leggings and a sports bra top
  • Coupling a silk A-line midi skirt with a cropped Nike sweatshirt and trainer shoes
  • Wearing head-to-toe Adidas with gold accessories: bracelets, rings, sunglasses, leather purse
  • Put together sweatpants with blinged loafers and a fitted mesh top (over a colored bra (i.e., not a sports bra) for the ladies) and a billed baseball cap and Juicy Couture sunglasses

Look for items that have great details – a neat cut or sequins.  Add accessories so you don’t look like you just came from the gym! A smart purse or bag, jewelry, hat, or belt can polish off the look.

Look for bold prints, textures, soft silks to make your activewear appeal to a fashionista.

The idea is to feel comfortable with a juxtaposition of stylized fashion for an energizing and feel good outfit.

Sports Luxe Style Board

Find that statement piece and have fun on the hunt! Pants, long skirts, or jumpsuits would fit this look. 

This would be a great style to shop for at the thrift store -- for real. This style consists of color and patterns, structure and silhouette. 

To keep the emphasis on the pants, look for an understated top. For the ladies, a crop, fitted, corseted, bell- or puffed-sleeved tops in solid colors or minimal patterns. For the guys, a fitted button-down or v-neck tucked t-shirt.

Accessorize with colored sunglasses, a retro hat, designer belt.

For jewelry, it really depends on the top - if it is more minimal or tailored, pair it with a more bold earring or necklace, and bracelets.

For shoes, make sure you can walk in it. Heels are great, but don’t make them so high or stiletto that you cannot walk in them. Boots with a chunky sole or heel would be appropriate as well.

Statement Pants Style Board

Design a layered outfit in a single color based on our specific color palette.

The colors, from Pantone Fall & Winter 2022-2023, consist of

  • Lava falls red
  • Samoan sun yellow
  • Orange tiger
  • Rose violet pink
  • Amazon green

As a group, the reps will coordinate with each other to create an in-person color palette, perfect for a unique fashion collection.

Individually, each rep selects a different color, but within the color palette to design a head-to-toe outfit in that color. 

The style of clothing is up to you.

Think in layers.

Layers in monochrome color with unique necklines and articles that stand out. Textures and fitted pieces always photograph well. As always, remember accessories that match your color!

Color Blocking Style Board

Lunch at the infamous In and Out Burger?

A  bright, bubbly, retro all-American diner outfit. And, of course, roller skates will take this look to the next level, but it is not only about the skates.

One way to achieve this look is to pair colorful shorts with a halter top or strapped crop top. Another way is with a sensational one piece or a two-piece terry cloth shorts and top set! Wide leg flared pants of overalls and a striped or primary colored top. 

Add some funky fun shades, knee-high tube socks and maybe a retro Walkman or boom box and get ready to smell the french fries!

Retro All-American Style Board

The idea behind this look is a nod to the naval and military history of San Diego - but with a trending flair of 2023.

Blending a military aesthetic and streetwear influences, cargo pants are staying true to their signature pockets but are now available in a variety of styles. 

In terms of street style, cargo pants can be worn oversized with a masculine or feminine spin.

Street style is about local culture and attitude: how people in your area wear cargo pants. Perhaps oversized Y2K parachute cargo pants are a thing that you find cool. Or denim cargo pants with a corset top and wide-sole skater shoes. Whatever the local style, find a look you like and jazz it up.

Think Bratz doll-attitude. A leopard or zebra print cropped corset top and cuffed cargo pants with platform combat boots. Accessorize with oversized rhinestone sunglasses and large silver hoop earrings.

Wearing cargo pants with a dressy style is all about how you would wear cargo pants when going out on a date or to a sophisticated party. Choose a pair of cuffed cargo pants or cargo pants tied at the ankle and pair them with high-heeled sandals and a fitted vest or knotted handkerchief top.

When styling, avoid baggy pants and a baggy hoodie sweatshirt. Whether you choose a pair of large oversized cargo pants or a more fitted pair, balance the outfit with a top that has overall less fabric.

An additional post for inspiration from Vogue.

Military Cargo Style Board

This style is all about rich textures: fringe, tassel, ruching, ruffles.

Ruffles and fringe are back in a huge way in 2023, and the trend of fringed sleeves, full-blown ruffled dresses, and fringed leather pants and coats is more powerful than ever.

Ruffles give off a cute and innocent vibe but at the same time can make even a simple t-shirt look totally elegant and fashionable.

Once just a playful hemline favorite, fringe has now become longer and more plentiful on a single item of clothing.

Ruffles and fringe offer movement to your outfit so pair your outfit with footwear you can kick off or move in!!

Ruffles & Fringe Style Board