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Rep for OneCollective

Are you a 16- to 20-year-old girl or guy interested in participating in a OneCollective Big Event or MeetUp as a OneCollective representative?

This is your opportunity for an amazing experience.

How is a Rep Chosen?

A OneCollective rep must be recommended from a OneCollective studio or photographer. He or she must also complete the application through the link below, and is selected on a first-come basis. The rep is an official rep when the retainer is paid by the deadine.

What does it cost?

The fee to is $4500 to represent OneCollective, payable as installments if necessary. The price is not reflected for individual studios.

What does that include?

The fee includes

A styling consultation by a OneCollective stylist prior to the event to help coordinate your looks

Photography permits for the rep and the accompanying parent at exclusive locations

Hair and makeup services by licensed professionals and on-location look changes for all days of the event

A surprise gift from OneCollective

A digital Swag Bag following the event, which contains photos from all of the photographers in all of your outfits

What is a Digital Swag Bag?

The OneCollective Digital Swag Bag includes social media-sized images from each photographer from the event. The quantity varies, but is at least three images of each outfit from each photographer. The amount can tally quickly.

This gives you a multitude of photos from different photographers in their unique style, which gives you a stock of images for any purpose.

Styles & Clothing

OneCollective does specify the style of clothing through the Style Guide. Sourcing the clothing for the selected styles is the responsibility of the rep, though the clothing must fit the OneCollective styles.

Travel & Accommodation

Travel and accommodation is the responsibility of the rep and parent, though OneCollective is happy to connect families interested in ride-sharing and/or sharing accommodations.