Each studio, in collaboration with their studio reps, created images they felt best fit the theme.

-This month’s challenge theme-


Each studio, in collaboration with their studio reps, created images they felt best fit the theme.


Four J Photography (Jen Rickard)- Lafayette, LA

Four J Photography @jen_fourjphotography

In Frame: Mary Kathryn Allbritton @marykathrynallbrittonn • Caroline Dubois @caroline2022 Handle • Mallory Harrington @_the_mallory_harrington • Lauren Roberie @lauren_a_roberie • Blair Baque @blair_bjb3 • Lily Morgan @lily.morgan90

Location: Note To Selfie Museum

four J prism photography challenge

I love supporting local businesses, so when I saw a new selfie museum open in our town I was so excited to check it out! I recruited some of my senior influencers and hit the museum. I took the opportunity to use all the bright bold colors and lights to play with some prims during the shoot. From handheld, to dangling to shooting through them, prisms can be a lot of fun. Lighting is key to get some creative shots.

Kara Zollos – Cleveland, OH

Studioz-photo / IG: @studioz_photo

InFrame: Rylee Kitchen – @kitchenkatlyn • Rachel Morahan – @morahan_rachel22

Prizm photo challenge creative portraits OH

“The world needs your prismatic soul.” ~ Amy Leigh Mercree

This prism shoot was a really fun challenge and these two girls just killed it! It was really like a fun experiment! I love how the images are like snowflakes, each one is completely unique!


Seeley Casey – Prosper Texas

Two Girls and a Lens @twogirlsandalens

In Frame: Brylee Boyd @Nicole_boyd_realtor

HMUA: Nicle Boyd

Texas creative portraits prism challenge

Using a prism changes your perspective on how to see. It reflects light and color. A chain linked fence was used to add the pattern to the subject. The prism bent the light which also bent the fence to push a texture on Brylee.

“Your Life is a Prism of Possibilities” by Nancy Sharp. Perspective of light is your prism in life.

Wendy Ewing – Las Cruces, NM

Studio E  @studioe

In Frame: Aubrianna Martinez @aubrijayla

Aubrianna – AJ – for short chose an urban look to go with this down town location which is on the backside of a theater in our historic downtown area.

Fun fact – It happens to also be one of the rare brick buildings in our whole town. We used THREE different prisms on her images – Round, triangle and square. My favorite is most of the time the square but I shot all three to show different looks. My lighting was all with led light sticks.

The hardest part when using prisms is to have patience with the reflections and keep moving the prism and yourself and camera lens around. All of those plus your light and the model moving creates an abundant number of looks. Some of my favorites had a trash pile in the reflection or totally out of focus on AJ’s face. I still submitted some of those to show I’m for sure not perfect, but it was fun!


Gretchen Higgins – Gardnerville, NV

Gretchen Leigh Photo @GretchenLeighPhoto

In Frame: Ulani Rizo @ulanirizo

HMUA: Nicle Boyd

Gardnerville, NV creative senior portraits

Ulani and I played with two different types of prisms, on a sunny Northern Nevada Day. We weren’t sure what we were going to get, which was why it was so much fun! First we experimented with a 4″ triangular refractor prism, which proved to be challenging when the subject was backlit. We also knew it could project small rainbows, so we were trying to carefully place one on the subjects face, which also proved to be quite a task. Using an assistant would have been more useful for the positioning of the prism, instead of having to hold it myself and shoot.

Secondly, we experimented with a 150mm subtle kaleidoscope half prism. It was fun to play with because it had a convenient handle so that you can hold it in front of your lens. I learned that you have to be careful with getting (and keeping) your focus before you put the prism up to the lens. The outcome of the two or three subjects that the prism created was fun to play with!





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