Each studio, in collaboration with their studio reps, created images they felt best fit the theme.

Always an option. Always in fashion.

Each studio used denim to create, in collaboration with their studio reps, images that they felt best fit the word.

Wendy Ewing – Las Cruces, NM @studioe

Studio Reps: Elizabeth Cervantes-Vanderlugt @izzycv_10

Boutique & Styling: @desertrepublic

HAIR: @izzycv_10

MUA: @beautybyronna

Las Cruces Senior Fashion

In the right denim, a girl can conquer the world.

And Elizabeth does her part to conquer the world. She is a devoted swimmer and cyclist. 

In her words ~

 “I would not be conquering the world without my mom by my side. She has been one of my biggest inspirations and influencers throughout my life. Being a single mom and an independent women, she always stresses how important it is to be as well-rounded as possible, to know how to do anything and everything possible. She has pushed me to try new things like biking, baking and modeling, things that I might be uncomfortable with at first but learn to love and enjoy. She continues to push me when I fail. She helps me stand back up on my own 2 feet and push my towards success.  

My mom always says I am a mini version of her and that I remind her so much of herself that’s it’s scary how alike we are. I have her to thank for all of this. And she makes sure I don’t make the same mistakes that she has made. I always say that I want to be just like her and she says- “no you can be better”. 

“Izzy is one of those well-rounded individuals.  Can play in the mud with boys, but can look like a bed of roses, as well.” 

~ Momma Cervantes

Gretchen Higgins – Minden, NV @Gretchenleighphoto

Studio Reps:Minny, Lily, ET, Jade, Chloe, Kenna, Isabel, Taylor, & Ashley

Minden Senior Pictures

Kate DeCoste – Wahoo, NE

Nebraska, we have Runza and you don’t.

Wahoo portrait photography

Richard Parker – Austin, TX

Studio Reps: Josie Scheen – @josie.scheen / Reese Donnelly – @reese_donnelly

Styling: @josie.scheen & @reese_donnelly

Austin Senior Portraits

If anyone doubts the effect that joy can have on a person, just spend a little time with these two peas in a pod. Reese and Josie are such a blast to work with and they seem to exude the idea of living life to the full.

Reese here (in the bells) is a cheerleader at Regents high school in Austin. Josie (in the blazer and jeans) also attends Regents and plays soccer for a crazy good club called FC Westlake. They’ve been friends for a little over 3 years, but are lifelong soul sisters.

Between their outfits, the location and their personalities, this Denim Challenge turned out to be a big success and a lot of fun! What do you think?!

Lenore Erickson – Cheshire, CT @lericksonphoto

Studio Reps: Rileigh Erickson – @rileigh.ercksn

Connecticut Senior Portrait Photography

Janet Taub – New Milford, CT   @planetphoto_jp

Studio Reps: Olivia Taub – @oliviataub • Sam McCaughen – @samlmcc04 • Isabelle Thompson – @isabellethomp

Fun friends senior portraits

Jody Rael – Las Vegas, NV  @JodyRael

Studio Reps: @Maddy.Pettigrew • @EleniCiulla • @Jordyn_Dekoven • @EvieRossmann • @SofiaForrestTurner • @Leo_Mendoza33 • @NoelaniMendoza • @MadisonPiekarski • @Cody.Schaefer • @EllieGrace.Kay • @whatsupitsDany

Las Vegas Senior Portrait Photographer

Susan Gietka – Hammonton, NJ @susangracephotos

Studio Reps: Alexia Luciano @alexia.luciano

Makeup: @makeupbybrielle


Hammonton, NJ Senior Pictures

Truth or Fiction?

Alexia had an almost identical outfit to this when she was a one year old…?

Matthew Koller – Green Bay, WI @distphoto

Studio Reps: Emma Trewartha / @emma.trewartha

Styling: @distphoto / @emma.trewartha

Hair & Makeup: @artistrybyangelamarie

Green Bay Senior Portraits

This shoot was all Emma! she wanted to shoot these red heels in front of these red doors. Angela added the red lipstick, amazing hair and makeup and voila!

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