Pop Culture

Each studio, in collaboration with their studio reps, created images they felt best fit the theme.

Janet Taub – New Milford, CT @planetphoto_jp

In Frame: Erinn Williams @erinn_willi24 Regan Williams @reganwilliamsss Gabbie Caldareri @gabbylucia15 Leah Lawson @leahalawson

Styling: Planet Photo

CT photographer_groupsession_popculture_strangerthings

When I turned to my team and asked it they wanted to do a pop culture shoot, which show we should use as inspiration, they didn’t hesitate to suggest Stranger Things. The latest season of Stranger Things is jam packed with 80’s pop culture references so we won the jackpot! With Kate Bush on repeat we channeled the Stranger Things gang going back to school!

Jody Rael – Las Vegas, NV @jodyrael

InFrame: Matthew Kaspar @@matthew_kaspar23 •  Isaiah Bullard @isaiah.bullard •  Dylan Hagenburger @dylan.hagenburger8

Games are such an important part of cultures. From racing hoops to virtual reality, playing games reinforce the societal structure of the culture one lives in. But for the sake of fun photography, these guys said that their culture revolves around video and computer games and virtual reality. Using LED lights, gels, and long exposure, we had fun creating these images.

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