Creating experiences with today's studios

Our Mission

As a collaborative group of teen and high school senior photography studios, OneCollective creates an inclusive culture that focuses on enkindling elevated experiences for independent studios with integrity and transparency to build an inspired community.

Justin Labrier of Jody Rael Photography

Our Story

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As independent teen photographers scattered across the United States, we each have our own style of imagery, business models, and creative processes.

While our profession as creative small business entreprueners align, our stories of how we each got there differs.

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One commonality among us, though, is in our desire to create an experience unlike any before. An experience for our clients and ourselves.

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After meeting at different organizations' photography conferences, workshops, and shootouts, we each value the importance of networking, building camaraderie, and friendships within the industry.

Our growing network of peers began.

Image by Jody Rael

Born Out Of


Following a shootout in Las Vegas in March 2020, the very weekend of the start of the Covid-19 Shutdown, we felt the need to officially set up a formal business plan to help photography studios recreate a similar experience for their clients --- and themselves.

The idea of was born.

Our Realization

In reality, though, studios can photograph their clients all the time in local or remote locations.

OneCollective founding members wanted to do something more than bring individual studio clients to an epic location for a typical "destination session."

Collectively, we realized that sharing subjects among all OneCollective studios creates a heightened experience for both the industry artist and their clients, who get to experience working with and learning from different professionals.

Our Clients

Boutique photographers and studios seeking to establish a more focused, profitable, and sustainable portrait business.

Together We Create

Our Dual Purpose

Support studios as they provide unique experiences for their clients.

Organize opportunities for photographers to learn from other industry professionals in developing sustainable businesses.

Together We Create

Our Membership


Get the Benefits of

  • working with talented teens
  • creating with other industry artists
  • developing friendships
  • learning business techniques from peers
  • building their network further and more broadly

Industry Artists

Work Together to Build

  • memorable experiences for themselves and clients
  • lifelong friendships
  • expanded portfolio
  • treasured artwork
  • profitable business line
  • stronger and sustainable businesses

Our Values

Camaraderie • Community

Integrity • Transparency

Communication • Honesty

Innovation • Excellence

Kindness • Team Work

Confidentiality • Respect

Diversity • Education

Inclusivity • Collective Effort

Our Founding Members

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