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One Collective Mission

As a collaborative group of high school senior photography studios, OneCollective creates an inclusive culture that focuses on enkindling aspirational experiences for our clients and ourselves with integrity and transparency to give our clientele a elevated experience and a platform for their voices, and also give us the opportunity to build an inspired community.


Austin Texas Senior Portraits


Richard Parker

Captivating and relevant senior portrait photography is more than just a click of the shutter. Senior portrait photography should be expressive, creative and above all tell the story of who the senior is. From experiences going back to when I was kid, I have learned how to make senior photography art while telling their unique story.

My childhood was spent traversing the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains exploring,  and learning to love people and the outdoors. I helped my grandfather bail hay and harvest his gardens. I learned from my father what it means to be a teacher. And, I garnered invaluable lessons from my mother about how to care for and love people.

 Next to my faith and my family, photography is my passion.

 Throughout my life I have travelled to many places. I have seen and experienced some of life’s best and some of life’s worst. It is remarkable how standing behind a lens can teach you things you never thought possible.

 My own life has shaped the photographer I am today. I have learned to love God. Love people. Love life.

 Hope you like my work.




Senior Portrait Photographer


Jen Rickard

My name is Jen- photographer, wife, mother, daughter, child of God. I drink way too much coffee, should probably be editing and love to plan my next travel destination. When I am not behind the camera, I love spending time with my 2 wonderful children, amazing husband and 2 huge fur babies!

I am behind the lens at Four J Photography in Lafayette, Louisiana- where it is really hot most of the year. I am primarily a high school senior photographer and I love what I do! Since I began my business 4 years ago, things have changed a lot and continue to do so every year! From chasing toddlers to photographing landscapes and everything in between, I discovered that my passion is to photograph seniors and show them their amazing individual beauty.

At Four J, I currently have a team of 38 senior models that I have been growing that team every year. My goal for these teens is to create a safe, no-judgement zone for them to be themselves and develop friendships that might not otherwise come to be. I hope to boost their self-esteem and provide fun experiences all the while capturing memorable pics to document a small part of their senior year; and hopefully, help to make it one of the best times of their life.

High School Senior Photographer


Jody Rael

I grew up on a farm in eastern Colorado and southwestern Kansas. I spent years in a tractor, walking through fields of crops, and even had a milk cow! Inspired by the natural beauty and wildflowers that grew on the Kansas plains, I carried a camera with me everyday when I was a kid. 

After college in 2001, my husband and I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. Before becoming a professional photographer in 2004, I taught high school and middle school journalism, English, and digital photography. I greatly enjoyed teaching for 10 years until we had our son, Brady. What resulted from those years in the classroom was a love for building relationships with middle school and high school-age kids and photographing these amazing individuals.  

With a Master’s of Art in Creative Nonfiction, I love an enthralling, true story. Now, instead of telling stories with only words, my passion has revisited visual storytelling with my images. I focus on creative storytelling with young adults as my subjects.

The creative process -- writing and photography -- has been my therapy through some really great times, as well as, the devastating times in my life.  Those experiences shape us, and those stories can be powerfully captured in images. I value stories and pictures, and I hope that through my talent, I can offer others the same meaningful treasures.


Isaac Coffy

Senior Portrait Photographer


Kate DeCoste

Obviously I am a photographer, but really, I’m a storyteller.  My own story began in Wahoo, Nebraska where I graduated from Wahoo High School.  These years are well documented in snapshots (that’s right . . . no digital back in my day).  Looking back, I can see that even then I enjoyed capturing memories in time. In the fall of 1996,  I turned the page and headed for Crete, Nebraska where I attended Doane College majoring in Theatre Arts. After graduation my career took me to Colorado, Wisconsin, Massachusetts and New York City. That’s when my story really took off.

 Working in theater taught me to see that everyone has a story to tell.  Some are scripted and some come out of every day experiences, but they are all worth telling.   While living and working in New York I was part of bringing fantastic productions to life.  I loved the work but what I enjoyed the most was learning the individual stories of the cast and crew members I worked with.  Off stage and on I encountered some people that were real page turners.

In 2008, I found myself about to turn 30 and was in limbo on living and working in New York. This began a new chapter in life and I found myself back in Wahoo, returned to my snap shot roots.  I picked up the camera and started telling stories in a new way.  My job is to look for what makes each of my clients unique.  By knowing each high school senior and families interests and goals I am able to tell their story frame by frame.

Senior Portrait Photographer


Seeley Casey

Panache web


Lisa Smith


Michale Crumly


Mindy Brunkhardt

Green Bay Portrait Photographer


Matthew Koller

Matthew is the owner of Distinction Photo a boutique portrait studio in Green Bay, WI that specializes in high school senior portraits. 


Western Connecticut Senior portrait photography


Janet Taub

Since 2013 Janet has been passionate about creating legacy portraits for her clients.

Janet lives in Western Connecticut with her husband Mitch, two children and a dog named Penny Lane. She has been taking photographs for most of her adult life and she launched Planet Photo in 2013 so that she could also capture your memories.

Janet specializes in portraits of seniors and teens and their families and has developed her skills and experience in this area. She also loves to create authentic branding images to help promote other small businesses. 

Janet was born in Liverpool, England, but grew up on the east coast in Lincolnshire and she has lived in London, LA, Boston, Copenhagen, Denmark and now Connecticut so she loves to meet new people and experience new and different things.


Dwight Illinois nenior portraits


Shayla Samples


Gretchen Higgins