Pantone Blue

Each studio, in collaboration with their studio reps, created images they felt best fit the theme.

-This months challenge theme –

Pantone Blue

Each studio, in collaboration with their studio reps created images that they felt best fit the theme.

Richard Parker – Austin, TX

Studio Reps: Averi Goecks @averi.goecks

Austin Senior Portraits

Averi and I started off this challenge considering dresses, but she brought a second outfit. While the outfit itself didn’t have blue in it, when I saw her Jordans, I was like “Dude! Those are killer with that pop of blue on the Swoosh!” Add a little blue lipstick and bam, presto, voila! We’ve gotta a winning image set!

Jody Rael – Las Vegas, NV  @JodyRael

Studio Reps: Jordyn DeKoven @Jordyn_dekoven • Madison Piekarski @MadisonPiekarski • Sofia Forrest-Turner @sofiaforrestturner • Eleni Ciulla @eleniciulla • Lyla Miller @lyla.miller • Noelani Mendoza @noelanimendoza_ • Leo Mendoza @leo_mendoza33 • Madison Pettigrew @maddypettigrew

HMUA: Jasmin Ochoa @jasmin_ochoa__
MUA: Ashleigh Medina @ashleighmedina

Pantone chose Classic Blue as the 2020 color of the year in December 2019, before CoVID-19 in the United States.

And then in mid-March, the country shut down.

Classic Blue symbolizes protection, stability, peace, and confidence, as well as encouraging deep thinking, open mindfulness, and communication. That is a lot of expectations to put on a simple color.

2020 has become a year none of us will likely easily forget, and while some people may say that 2020 is anything but peaceful and filled with open-mindedness, the color Classic Blue still can remind us collectively that the classic still has a place in our lives and still prompts us to seek improvement for our future.

Jen Rickard – Lafayette, La @jen_fourjphotography

Studio Reps: Ronni Dayl @ronnidayl and Rachel Darby @rachelsdarling

Lafayette Senior Portraits

For this month’s challenge we explored some color theory.

With the Pantone 2020 color, Classic Blue, as our main color we shots 4 different looks. Monochromatic color, Complimentary colors, triadic colors, and Quadratic colors are the 4 pallets we played off of. The monochromatic formula chooses only one color (or hue). The mixed tones of blues were perfectly monochromatic. Based on the color wheel, complementary colors, which are colors that cancel each other’s hue. This is the blue and orange color contrast.

For a triadic pallet, we used split-complementary color scheme, with the equal distance between all colors. This is the blue, yellow and red pallet. And finally, we used a harmonious mixture of two complementary colors on the color wheel. This grouping can also be called a double complementary scheme represented by blue, orange, lime green and fuchsia.


  • What are 3 words that describe you? Athletic, determined, and outgoing.
  • What is a happy memory you have? The day my baby brother got out of the hospital. He was in NICU from birth until 9 months old.
  • What is your favorite color and why? Baby pink, because it brings me sweet, chilling, spontaneous vibes.


  • What are 3 words that describe you? Artistic, dreamer, versatile
  • What is a happy memory you have? Any quality time with my family. A recent one is in July, my brother & I did a Christmas in July (made Christmas cookies, hot cocoa, Christmas pjs/music/movies!)
  • What is your favorite color and why? My favorite color is blue because it’s a very deep and meaningful color to me. A lot of people resonate it to sadness, but for me it represents hope and light. Maybe it is simultaneously sadness and happiness, so it represents the real ness of life!

Janet Taub – New Milford, CT   @planetphoto_jp

Studio Reps: Susannah Smith @susannhaha Erinn Williams @erinn_willi24 Daniella Mazza @daniellamazzza

Hair: @joessalonct

Clothing: Yellow Sequin Dress @susanamonaco Blue Coat @aveclesfilles Green Dress @greylincollection Blue Blouse @byabigaillove Bags @denisedcox

New Millford, CT Senior Portraits

We used IKEA’s classic pantone blue as our backdrop for a vivid fashion shoot.

Wendy Ewing – Las Cruces, NM  @studioe

Studio Reps:Ella Hutchinson @ella.hutch

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

Las Cruces, New Mexico Senior Pictures

Pantone Classic Blue __

Pantone provides a universal language of color that enables color-critical decisions for more than 10 million designers and producers around the world who rely on Pantone products and services to help define, communicate and control color from inspiration to realization.

We chose White Sands neutral white background to let the blue stand out on it’s own.

A little about Ella:

  • Three words that describe her: determined, passionate, dependable.
  • What inspires you? The idea that my impact on the world can make life easier for one person.
  • What are you most proud of in your life? I am proud of my communication abilities that have helped me to win Journalism competitions.
  • What is a happy memory that you have? Reading my favorite books for the first time.
  • If you could interview anyone alive or dead, but not a celebrity, who would it be? My great grandmother Velma bell.
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Doing something impactful where I am able to grow and develop through my experiences, possibly involving law.”


Shayla Samples  – Dwight, IL   @shaylaloring

Studio Reps:Emma Romano @Emma_kate.03

Clothing: Vintage Pants from the 70’s

“Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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