Miami Edition 2022

Miami, Florida

Saturday & Sunday
February 12 & 13

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Sand, City, & Spice

Sandy beaches set against a brilliant skyline with some of the most culturally diverse citizens, Miami hosts OneCollective in the next Big Event this February.

Multiple photographers and their selected studio reps come together from all across the country to collaborate to create an experience unlike any other.

Fashion, epic locations, and adventure. These are just a small part of this amazing weekend.

This is your opportunity to share your voice, your story. You will not want to miss the experience!

Location : Miami

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Participating Studios

Richard Parker Photography

Photog: Richard Parker

Video: Cole Parker

Jody Rael Photography

Photog: Jody Rael

Photog: Mindy Brunkhardt

Style Guide

The flavor and spice of Cuba set against the Art Deco backdrop of Ocean Drive.

For the ladies, the style consists of bold flower prints, flare dresses with fitted waists, high slits, and ruffles. Alternatively, two-piece mermaid or fitted pencil skirt set with a fitted crop top is another great silhouette. Pair with heels appropriate for a street salsa, strappy sandals, or hemp wedges. Other accessories could include oversized sunglasses, large hoop earrings, a tropical flower or scarf for your hair, or a men's fedora.

For the guys, a bold, large floral print or Caribbean Sea-colored button-down shirt paired with a light-colored linen pant and a coordinating suit jacket would fit this style perfectly. Pair with tan, white or brown loafers worn without socks. A fedora, a large gold or silver watch, and round sunglasses would finish off the look fantastically.

Little Havana Style Board

Livin' life on the beach, with the sand and surf, and the colorful lifeguard stands as a backdrop. Prepare to get wet.

For this style, picture living--as opposed to spending a day at the beach--on the beach. Everyday street--or beach--wear:

  • jean shorts over swim/bikini bottoms with a cute crop top
  • an ocean scene screenprinted t-shirt with board shorts
  • a graphic or lettered t-shirt (perhaps cropped or knotted for the girls) and a pair of rolled clamdigger pants
  • or a swimsuit with fitted denim overall shorts

For accessories, consider a surf or wake board from a local shop, or keep it simple with sunglasses, sandals, and a beach bag.

Beach Bum Style Board

It's cold outside, but that doesn't stop us going to the beach.

For this style, keep everything light colored: sand, off-white, tan, pale sea green & blue. The type of clothing should be cozy: chunky knit sweaters, lace and flowing skirts and dresses, knit toeless leggings, bikini bottoms for the ladies, and rolled linen pants for the guys.

Shoes are optional, but gladiator sandals or slip-on light-colored boots, like fuzzy winter/snow boots, could work well.

Overall, think "layers". Layers of coziness.

Winter Beach Boho

High Fashion means couture. Couture means the outfit is designed specifically for your measurements and requirements.

For our purposes, though, look for a pants outfit with a fitted jacket or a jumpsuit that fits you perfectly. Not too tight, but definitely not ultra baggy. It would be great if the outfit had some structure as well, such as ruffles, bows, or drapes of fabric.

For the guys, look for a well-fit suit in a single color, or a slightly more relaxed monochromatic (of a single color) ensemble.

Look also for bold, bright colors but keep it fairly monochromatic (of a single color), if possible.

For shoes, high heels or high heeled boots for the ladies is a must, but something you can still walk in, so a chunky (wide) heel is great. For the guys, dress shoes or dress boots.

High Fashion Pants Outfit Style Board

Black Lightning is about a showing your inner strength. This hardcore style screams a take-no-attitude attitude.

Color-wise, the color of your outfit does not need to be solid, deep black; dark grays, faded blacks are great. A pop of color could work, such as a dark blue or a deep maroon.

Mostly this look is about toughness: leather, lace, fringe, boots, and a lot of grit attitude.

Some style ideas:

  • Distressed fitted black jeans with a black bralette and a deep maroon lace chemise with a black moto-jacket and heeled booties
  • Leather pants with a black corset & long lace fingerless gloves and black biker boots
  • Creased biker jeans with a black, dark gray, or Army green fitted tank top (or t-shirt) and a faded black jean jacket. Add some leather fingerless motorcycle gloves and black shoes.

For accessories, wallet or waist chains, large black leather handbag, sunglasses, rings, gloves (sliim, not bulky), and perhaps a biker helmet.

Black Lightning Style Board

The wildest, most colorful layered outfit. There is never too much color.

This would be a great style to shop for at the thrift store -- for real. This style consists of color and patterns, overlapping each other in a plethora of textures and structures. 

Think outside the box with this outfit. Perhaps a fitted '90s magenta pencil skirt would be a top with a "sleeves" made of all the bangles & cuff bracelets. Pair it with the craziest patterned skirt you can find at the thrift store. Finish off the look with giant colored fringe earrings and ALL the colored necklaces you can find.

The guys can go just as crazy and/or weird. A giant colored sweater with turquoise Aztec-patterned pants.

Mainly, have fun putting this look together; if it fits and has color & patterns, it should work.

Color Express Style Board