July 23, 2021

Mountain Getaway

There is something magical about the mountains that tend to draw in a person. As a place to distance ourselves from the cacophony of all the sights and sounds of the big city, the mountains allow us to reconnect with nature.

In July, OneCollective steals away to the beautiful Ouachita Mountains that Hot Springs, Arkansas, calls home. We will photograph the famous Bath House Row, Lake Catherine, and Garvin Gardens. The outfit styles range from whimsical fairytale looks to a vintage retro style and a personal choice.

Be sure and check with your local OneCollective studio and get all the details on this trip!

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Four J Photography

Photog: Jen Rickard

Richard Parker Photography

Photog: Richard Parker

Video: Cole Parker

OneCollective Reps

Mikayla Cowan headshot

Mikayla Cowan



Carolyn Dubois headshot

Caroline Dubois


Studio: @jen_fourjphotography

Mallory Harrington headshot

Mallory Harrington


Studio: @jen_fourjphotography

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Wendy Campbell

Instagram @wendycampbell

Claire Roy

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Style Guide

A 1970s vintage outfit features bold colors, patterns, and silhouettes. Think large sleeves, oversized pointed collars, short skirts, and flared or bell-bottom pant legs.

A slightly different vintage 70s look could feature hippie-style earth tones coupled with long, free-flowing dresses, and long crochet or stripped-leather vests.

Both bold or hippie 70s vintage styles will compliment the white and neutral backgrounds of the Grand Promenade and Bath House Row.

True vintage clothing comes from that era, made with authentic material and has original stitching, etc.

The best places to find vintage clothing, honestly, is from grandparents' and aunts' closets and steamer trunks of memorabilia. Otherwise, search local thrift stores for true vintage pieces.

An alternative to true vintage is retro, which is modern-day clothing with an old-school flair. A good place to look for retro 70s styles is Desert Republic.

Most importantly, both bold and hippie 70s styles feature layering of textures, patterns, and accessories, which will give the final images a magazine perfect finish!

Vintage Style Board

A princess on the run, escaping through the deep woods in clothing ill-suited for such a hike. This is the storyline for this look.

Another vision: An elven maiden warrior communing with and guarding their wooded kingdom. 

One OneCollective Rep described this look as “dark fairytale," and brought to mind the strong characteristics of Snow White (though not as a Disney cartoon). 

The large, overstory trees and creeks and stone bridges of Garvin Gardens will create the perfect background to long, flowy dresses for an evocative romantic and ethereal experience.

Select fabrics that have tons of movement and soft or see-through textures. Look for items made of chiffon, tulle, or thin linen with a generous cut or full skirt.

As far as colors go, soft, muted, or natural colors suggest purity and simplicity. Deep, bold colors evoke passion and strong emotion. Both can tell a story, and both will perfectly pair nature and green spaces.

When accessorizing, keep it simple to one dramatic piece: a flower crown, a headband, tulle or chiffon wraps, a princess tiara, or other whimsical prop.

Deep in the woods, going barefoot will help tell the story. Appropriate footwear, however, is necessary as well. Bring a pair of sturdy shoes, but also some ballet slippers that compliment the outfit for the actual photographs.

Fairytale Style Board

Summertime is for laughing, playing in the water, and adventure-seeking. And this style encourages all those things.

Inspiration for this shoot is something not too far from current summer fashion trends. Stick with comfy, cool, and summery!

Think bright, bold summer colors or patterns, and accessorize with adorable summer hats, bandanas or even sunglasses. Finish off the look with colorful, layered jewelry and some graceful sandals.

The style board has plenty of room for individual styles: anything from moody denim to floral blouses or even gauzy dresses will look fantastic in a waterfall!

This area of Lake Catherine may venture into wet, rocky areas, so bring a pair of good-soled shoes.

And the lake is right there, so a dip in the cool mountain water could end the day perfectly! Bring a towel and a change of clothing for after, just in case more than a toe goes in the water.

Summer Paradise Style Board