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New Orleans Edition 2024
March 3-4, 2024      #onecollective        #ocnola24

Rhythm, Festivals & Magic

Meet us in the spicy and vibrant city of New Orleans, The Big Easy.

Famous for its food, night-life and Mardi Gras, this festival-driven city makes for a truly unique and unforgettable visit.

The French Quarter may be the most infamously known part of New Orleans, but we will also explore the Warehouse District and Crescent Park in some of the most dynamic styles.

You will not want to miss this fun-filled photo event in one of the most iconic cities in the United States.

Come explore The Big Easy with friends, old and new.

Participating Photographers

Planet Photo

Photog: Janet Taub

Jody Rael Photography

Photog: Jody Rael

Video: Mindy Brunkhardt

Kate DeCoste Photography

Photog: Kate DeCoste

Coffy Creations

Photog: Isaac Coffy

Shayla Loring Photography

Photog: Shayla Samples

Four J Photography

Photog: Jen Rickard

Two Girls and a Lens

Photog: Seeley Casey

Gretchen Leigh Photography

Photog: Gretchen Higgins

Studio Panache

Photog: Lisa Smith

Mississippi Pearl Photography

Photog: Michale Crumly

Distinction Photo

Photog: Matthew Koller


Saturday, March 2

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Restaurant Coming Soon

6:30 PM

(individual checks)

Saturday, March 2

Haunted Tour

Details coming soon

HMU Location

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Sunday, March 3

Locations & Styles


Fountainbleau State Park or Slidell Bayou


3D Floral
Artisanal Boho

Monday, March 4

Locations & Styles


Warehouse District
French Quarter


Modern Catawampus
Sophisticated Goth

Closing Dinner

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Studio Rep Photoshoot Preparation

A OneCollective MeetUp is different from a 20-minute concept shoot session or even a 3-hour personal brand/senior portrait session. To make the most of this experience, here are some recommendations from the photographers:

Underarms, legs, & bikini line - shave every morning, or wax a few days before

Fingernails and toenails - real/artificial nails; keep to a natural length with natural or neutral paint

Wax or trim eyebrows and nose hair

Moisturize all of your skin - arms, legs, face, belly, lips

Wash and completely dry hair the night before. Do not come with greasy or wet hair.

Air dry hair, if possible

Do not wash your hair the morning of the photoshoot

Clean your face thoroughly at the end of the day to remove makeup (more than just a makeup wipe - use a face cleanser and moisturizer as well)

Nude-colored supporting strapless bra

Nude-colored supporting bra with straps

Nude-colored booty shorts - this will make changing outfits less revealing

Consider wearing a nude-colored spanx shaper (if you need it)

Please, NO sports bras

Get plenty of sleep leading up to the event

Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and moisturized (especially if you are just visiting the desert because you will dry out quickly!)

Avoid heavy perfumes

Wear clear-dry deodorant

Remember that you are borrowing this clothing

Avoid heavy perfumes

Use clear-dry deodorant to avoid leaving marks

Take care when putting on and taking off the clothing to not get makeup stains on them (pull collars away from face, but do not stretch the collars)

You can buy the clothing if you love it!

If the tags show, remove the tags.

Please keep the tags and return with the clothing to your photographer after that day’s shoot.

If the clothing has wrinkles, use a steamer with distilled water to avoid white mineral deposits on the clothing.


Rain jacket

A couple towels from your hotel room

Small touch-up makeup kit

Hair ties and other hair touch-up items

Snacks, such as nuts, fruit, and water

Secondary, backup outfits


Sunscreen & aloe vera

Bug spray

Nipple pasties


Booty shorts

Flip flops / slide-on shoes

Blister care bandaids

Butt glue / fashion tape



Nude undergarments

Nail glue & paint remover

Fashion Row

To help find unique fashion items, a great place to shop is local or online thrift stores.

Other online stores include

Rent in London

Style Guide

In Modern Catawampus, embrace the layers, texture, and coordinated prints & solids of this mix & match 3-piece suit style.

A three-piece suit consists of pants, a jacket, and vest.

Instead of getting a matching 3-piece, though, we will be mixing your outfit to create a more customized style unique to you.

Each element of your outfit - shirt, jacket or blazer, vest or fitted sweater vest, scarf, tie or bow tie, fedora or flat cap, suspenders - could be a great accessory to a basic outfit, but when put all together, the resulting outfit is extra.

Just extra. In all the best ways.

Most importantly, don’t shy away from the color. Find those colors that make you stand out in a crowd - bright yellow, teal, peachy pink, bright blue, vibrant green, etc.

Having a mix of patterns between all the elements of your outfit is okay too - as long as the colors coordinate.

For bottoms, fitted pants or slouchy/wide leg pants both work well.

Keep the top of your outfit more fitted as you will add layers to create the final look: a button up shirt with a vest in a coordinating color or pattern, and a fitted jacket over that.

Accessories like a scarf, tie, suspenders, and fitted vest will top up this look amazingly.

Finish off your outfit with a structured felt fedora with a contrasting hat band or a newsboy or flat cap (for the guys or girls).

Last item accessories include a lapel pin, pocket square, simple stud earrings, sunglasses, watch or bracelet, and a clutch or structured handbag.

For footwear, men’s dress shoes, polished leather boots or loafers all work well, and ladies have the additional options of platform pumps or heels.

Modern Catawampus Style Guide

Black clothing is always a classic choice. For Sophisticated Goth, we revitalize the alt and punk goth scene into a more sophisticated style of gothic clothing.

The overall style is polished, sleek, and lush. Look for pieces with structured architectural elements that can be layered to create a detailed feast for the eyes.

For coloring, it doesn’t all have to be black: maroon, dark gray, deep plum purple, or darker shades of blue and green.

For inspiration, look into all eras of fashion and blend into a single outfit. Try something like these:

  • Vintage black lace skirt and long-sleeved sheer bodysuit under a modern corset and fitted velvet jacket in maroon or deep purple.
  • Black jeans with a fitted jacket with structured shoulders over a conservative fitted black shirt. Keep the rings & necklaces to a minimum, but finish off with heeled patent black combat boots.
  • A ruffled shirt with leather pants and a gold buckled belt and a tailcoat. Add in a walking stick with a silver handle for added flare.
  • Dark gray or deep blue silk or satin shirt with dark wide-leg pants. Add a black leather harness worn over the top of the shirt. Finish it off with a wide choker from a rolled black scarf and layered pendant necklaces and silver and gold rings for multiple fingers.

For footwear, we will be on uneven ground, so keep them fairly practical — combat boots (like Doc Martens), heeled laced boots, or platform Mary Jane shoes.

Lastly, additional accessories: large pendant necklace, a harness, piercings, temporary tattoos, or a funky lace parasol (umbrella).

Additionally, when considering jewelry, think intricate or ornate in black, white metal or platinum.

Sophisticated Goth Style Guide

3D Floral is the time tested classic of flowers with a modern three-dimensional twist.

We want to avoid the boring printed floral dress or a floral shirt and khaki pants in favor of the shape and texture of a real flower that rises out of the outfit.

Ideally, we would love to be able to pluck a flower from your outfit.

Instead of a flat print on a piece of fabric, we want an actual bouquet of flowers to rise out of your skin.

For the ladies, look for

  • Embroidered flowers on a dress, jumpsuit, suit & blazer, or skirt & top
  • A dress made of a floral patchwork
  • A long & flowy or short & fitted flower-embellished tulle skirt

Finish off any of these looks with a floral headpiece/crown, a necklace made of flowers, or flowered shoes.

For the guys, your styling can be just as on the nose as the ladies’ with a floral mesh short sleeve shirt or a floral embroidered blazer, or be more subtle when it comes to the 3D floral elements.

Consider an outfit like one of these:

  • A pair of dark brown pants with a tan button-up shirt with a flower lapel stick pin attached to brown suspenders. The stick pin is metal jewelry or fabric shaped like a flower.
  • Denim jeans with a rolled cuff and worn and relaxed brown boots, paired with a copper brown velvet jacket over a thin denim shirt. Add a bowtie with a vibrant floral print or a bowtie made of real or silk flowers.
  • A solid colored 2- or 3-piece suit with a tie and suspenders. Add on a full-size floral lapel – which is a cascade of flowers attached from the neck and down the chest of a man’s jacket – for maximum wow effect.

3D Floral Style Guide

Artisanal boho fashion consists of a vibrant and artistic blend of bohemian and handcrafted elements. It embraces a creative and carefree spirit, showcasing an eclectic mix of colors, patterns, and textures.

While this article focuses on tips for men, these 9 style tips also work for women when designing a bohemian look. We recommend you focus on tips # 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 (can’t have enough of these), 7 (absolutely!), 8 (see below), and 9 (it’s all about attitude!).

When designing your outfit, combine vintage and handmade pieces, creating a unique and one-of-a-kind style.

The best places to shop this style is

  • Second-hand stores
  • Vintage shops
  • Physical & online thrift stores
  • The closets & trunks of your parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles - we are not joking.

When looking to collect these pieces, look for items that are linen, cotton, distressed denim, crochet, macramé, and embroidered. These intricate details add a touch of craftiness to the overall look, and add a ton of authenticity to your outfit.

When styling your base layer, look for flowing and relaxed silhouettes.

  • Long, flowy skirt, maybe with lots of pleats or layers in a neutral earth tones
  • Crochet or macramé bralette
  • Linen or cotton baggy or harem pants / jumpsuit 
  • Distressed light-colored relaxed fit denim jeans (or cut-off shorts for the ladies)

Once you have your base outfit, add the flourish of the boho aesthetic - the accessories!

  • Colorful and patterned kimono (both ladies & guys)
  • Peasant blouse with embroidery
  • Relaxed and well-worn summer casual cotton or linen vest
  • Crochet shawl, poncho, or vest

Finish off the look with even more fringe, statement jewelry, and your own style!

  • Leather fringe bag or a market bag
  • Head scarf – colorful or neutral
  • Multi-material clip-ins or feather clip-ins for hair extensions
  • Single large or multiple smaller hoop earrings – made of wood or metal
  • Bracelets, rings, and layers of various-length pendant necklaces
  • Sandals or well-worn leather boots
  • Wool or woven floppy boho hat or oversized fedora
  • Consider temporary tattoos that would have a personal meaning in unexpected locations - inner elbow, behind the left ear, back of the right hand, just above the sternum, etc

The last part of the outfit is the attitude: the no care, nearly rolled out of bed, hardly coordinated clothing choices, the “Oh, I look cute/handsome/sexy in this? How funny. Lol.” attitude.

Most importantly, this boho style celebrates self-expression, creativity, and a love for artisanal craftsmanship, setting it apart as a distinct and enchanting style.

Artisanal Boho Style Guide

Dining Out

Restaurant choices and eating times are suggestions only to help create community. You may certainly arrange your own plans if you choose to eat separately.

Meals are paid by individuals. Studios or are not covering the cost of meals at restaurants, unless specified by your photographer.


Weather is fickle and unpredictable. Unfortunately, just like OneCollective annual Big Events, Meetups are not postponed or rescheduled for weather. We do the best we can with the circumstances at hand. Please be patient if there is weather, as we navigate stops and pauses, restarts, location adjustments, etc.