Black Lightning at Miami’s Wynwood Walls

Beyond the glitz and glamour of the Design District, Miami boasts the colorful and artsy Wynwood neighborhood.

The Wynwood Walls has become a haven for aspiring painters, graffiti artists, creatives and young innovators alike.

Initially, in the 1970s revitalization of the old warehouse area by Tony Goldman, Wynwood Walls was a collection of giant murals covering six buildings.

Since then, Wynwood Walls has become over 64 square blocks of street art and graffiti, by recognized artists and amateurs alike.

The area is now home to hundreds of gastro pubs, boutique tattoo parlors and shops, street art supply shops, museums, art galleries, boutique hotels, and hip gathering halls.

One could wander the streets for days and never see all the colorful art.

Black Lightning, as final style for the OneCollective Big Event in Miami, features a biker fashion with its unmistakable connection to the alternative scene. Quite fitting for the alternative culture showcased on the Wynwood Walls.

From the rebellious spirit of the biker lifestyle to the inspiration from biker gear, the style and location is about inner strength intertwined with a take-no-attitude attitude and physical and mental toughness.

The reps outfits, collectively, created quite a chic and badass biker gang. The leather leggings, shorts, and vests; distressed black jeans; corset and cut-out tops; fur coats and biker jackets; stiletto shoes and heeled boots fabricated a unique storyline for the photographers’ imagination.

Such a location and grit attitude from the reps created an epic and masterful conclusion to Big Event 2022: Miami Edition.