Beach Bums at Miami Beach

Miami Beach

When picturing Miami, the beach comes quickly to mind. 

Daily scenes of Miami Beach include the sand and surf, the colorful lifeguard stands, miles of beach and resort skyscrapers lining the edge of land, and iconic palm trees leaning into the ocean.

Locals who live nearby possess a beach look that sets them apart from their inland cousins.  

For this style, we pictured living on the beach, as opposed to spending a day at the beach. 

Everyday street–or beach–wear is the style we aimed to convey.  

For the girls, jean shorts over swim/bikini bottoms with a ribbed crop top or a swimsuit with fitted denim overall shorts.

For the guys, comfortable clothes such as an ocean scene screen printed t-shirt with board shorts or a graphic.

Accessories always add that little bit of detail to finish off a look. In the case of Beach Bum, simple is best with sunglasses, sandals, a billed cap, or a beach bag.