London EDITION 2023

July 26-27, 2023      #onecollective        #ocLondon23

Greater London

Among the oldest of the world's great cities, London is bustling and vibrant, multicultural and cosmopolitan.

Full of history that spans nearly two millennia, London hosts epochal architecture, iconic buildings, bridges, and castles at every angle.

Big Ben, Tower of London, Milliennium Bridge, London Underground, Westminister Abbey, Highgate Cemetary, Covent Gardens, London Eye, Buckingham Palace.

The list could go on for pages.

This Meetup will extend through multiple days.
Join us for one or for all.

Come explore London with us.

Are you a photographer interested in joining?

Let us know and we will send you more information!

Hosting Studios

Coffy Creations

Photog: Isaac Coffy


Jody Rael Photography

Photog: Jody Rael
Video: Mindy Brunkhardt
Photog: Shelly Labrier
Photog: Justin Labrier


Planet Photo

Photog: Janet Taub



Recommended Arrival in London:
July 22 or 23

Opening Dinner

Restaurant: All-Bar-One

7 PM

Butler's Wharf

(Go to the Insiders' Guide for more details)

Tower Bridge

Style: Mix Prints

Financial District

Style: Brit Color Pop Goth

St. Dunstan in the East Church

Style: Rep Choice

Covent Garden

Style: Sans the Shirt


Style: Violet Meadow

Millennium Bridge

Style: Violet Meadow

Style Guide

These styles are not typical senior portrait outfits.

These couture looks elevate and create fashion-forward designer styles to enhance this unique photo experience.

A 2022-23 fashion trend.

Ignore the rules of fashion, and definitely avoid the matched set.

Instead blend together an outfit from printed pieces to create a different, fun, and artistic ensemble.

This is not a clown outfit, but a legit style that bends the fashion rules.

This InStyle article explains "HOW TO" mix prints successfully.

Mix Prints Style Board

Take a traditional goth outfit (short article about elements of a great goth outfit), and add a pop of color.

Finish off with embellishments of leather and mixed metal jewelry.

Really add to the look with temporary tattoos (available through Amazon).

This style is inspired by the TikTok fashion icon Sammi Jefcoate.

She does a great job of layering so that certain parts of her outfit peak out. Watch some of her summer, spring, and winter videos for inspiration.

Even though she is female and likes the feminine style, it is possible to take the same concept and make it masculine.

Do not go with an all-black outfit.

Brit Color Pop Goth Style Board

Straight from 2023 British Vogue runway shows, this look is relaxed business attire sans the shirt.

In essence, the style is a suit, in all different varieties.

For the men, no shirt -- though suspenders could be a nice touch.

For the women, a bralette, corset or cami.

For both, the jacket provides coverage for modesty.

The style of suit is up to your preference and style.

  • loose-fitting & slouchy
  • slim-fit or snatched waist
  • double-breasted
  • pin-stripe, soft-tone, or bright color
  • Bermuda shorts, capri, wide-leg, or slim-fit leg

Dress shoes, combat boots, or high-heeled sandals would all be appropriate for this look.

Finish off the look with a few choice pieces of jewelry, neck scarf, beret, or sunglasses, and a handbag or briefcase/satchel.

Sans the Shirt Style Board

British GQ is raving about the color purple.

Specifically, the Pantone color of Violet Meadow, hex code #765686.

For this look, you have free reign to create an amazing outfit in shades of Violet Meadow.

Two rules:

  • Be adventurous with your styling.
  • Avoid clashing purples.

After that, everything is up to you.

Violet Meadow Style Board

For this style, we want to collaborate with you --> the rep who is wearing the outfit!

If you book with your local OneCollective photographer 6 weeks prior to the photo event, you and the other registered reps design the look.

You submit your short style description with inspirational images, and all the reps and photographers who are registered for the event vote.

The most favorite style fills the last look.

Complete this form to submit your ideas. You can submit more than one.

Rep Style Submission


Hair and makeup will happen at The Tower Hotel, London located near the Tower Bridge.

The address is:
St Katharine's Way, London E1W 1LD, UK

The hotels listed here are suggestions only. They are located very close to the hair and makeup location. You may certainly arrange your other accommodations.

Accommodations are paid by individuals. OneCollective nor associate studios are not covering the cost of hotel or short term rental accommodations, unless specified by your photographer.

Getting Around

London is served by two major airports, Heathrow and Gatwick. Allow plenty of time for check in, immigration and security. The school holidays means that both airports will be extra busy!

London Heathrow is the UK's biggest airport, located 14 miles west of Central London and serving hundreds of destinations across the world.

London Gatwick is located near Crawley, West Sussex, England, 29.5 miles south of Central London.

The best way to get from Heathrow Airport to London depends on your budget, your amount of luggage, and how much time and hassle you are willing to invest in the journey.

If you want to avoid street traffic and save money, the Elizabeth Line and Tube are our top picks. If speed is your primary concern, it's hard to ignore the Heathrow Express.

Need to get away from dragging luggage around or just want the absolutely simplest path from Point A to B? Consider an Uber or taxi.

.Gatwick Airport to and from

Gatwick Express is a non-stop train service between London Victoria Station (Central London) and London Gatwick Airport which runs every 15 minutes. The journey takes 30 minutes (35 minutes on Sunday).

National Express offer coach routes to and from Gatwick Airport from many locations around the UK, including between other major airports!

Taxi and Uber is also available!

To pay for your tube journey or get a ticket, you have several options.

The most convenient method is to pay using your contactless card by touching it on the yellow card readers found at Tube entrances or before the platforms.

You can also tap in on the yellow card readers using a prepaid Oyster card. You can buy them at all Tube, Overground and most Elizabeth Line stations for 7 British pounds ($8.69). They're also available at most newsstands and visitor centers throughout London. Once you've purchased your Oyster, you can use the ticket machines inside Underground stations to add money to the card for individual journeys or a daily or weekly travel card covering various Zones.

Note the card readers aren't always connected to gates and are sometimes free-standing. Keep an eye out for them. If you don't tap in and out at the start and end of your journey, you'll get charged for traveling through Zones 1 to 9.

Alternatively, you can buy paper tickets from the ticket machines at each Tube, Overground or DLR station. These tickets allow for one-way and return journeys or daily and weekly travel cards. To use the tickets, insert them in the signposted areas on the gates as you head to the line you're traveling on.

Some stations will also have a staffed kiosk that you can use instead of ticket machines; you can ask for advice here on the best tickets to buy or routes to take.

You will NOT need a car in central London!

Traffic, parking and congestion charges make cars an expensive liability. If you are planning on exploring more of the UK before or after the London event we recommend picking up a rental car outside of central London.