Little Red Rocks

wild, ancient, fierce.

Little Red Rocks


On this leg of the journey, the One Collective team traded the comfortable life of the city to venture into the rocky unknown in the pursuit of gorgeous imagery in the middle of the wild, mostly untouched rocky terrain and vistas of an area just outside of the boundaries of the Red Rock Canyon in the La Madre Mountain Wilderness.  


Though only a stone’s throw from the Las Vegas Strip, they truly left the city behind, packing their camera equipment into the back of a jeep and starting off on a dusty, bumpy adventure into the Mojave Desert.  


After traversing steep and rocky trails, they arrived at their destination - a warm, flat rock landing that would become base camp.  


This remote location boasts a spectacular, red Aztec sandstone outcropping, amazing vistas of the Vegas valley, natural vegetation, and even several very ancient petroglyphs.


With the sprawl of the city at their back, the group headed off into the wide expanse of the desert west of Las Vegas to find the adventure and photos they came to create.


The story of Red Rock Canyon began about 300 million years ago and became the beautiful place a visitor can see today. During a major geological upheaval, the original rock formation tipped on its side and moved it to its current location. 


In general, Red Rock Canyon is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts of all types: hiking, biking, bird watching and climbing.  


Getting to this exclusive and rugged location requires a 4wd, high-clearance vehicle and a determination for all adventurers.


The desert vistas, red sandstone and iconic limestone, and the remote and natural area provided the perfect opportunity to capture beautiful images of the OneCollective reps and the clothing from the Desert Republic. 


With styles running the gamut from fun and sassy to upscale and classy, the location accented Desert Republic’s style and presented the perfect backdrop for the reps showcasing those outfits. 


In addition, the artists photographed the reps to showcase the juxtaposition of the resort wear clothing and the desolateness of the dry desert landscape.


No matter the style, the muted and naturally airbrushed colors of the rock walls provided the perfect complement to the fashions.



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