Leading Lines

Each studio, in collaboration with their studio reps, created images they felt best fit the theme.

Jody Rael – Las Vegas, NV @jodyrael

In Frame: Matthew Kaspar @matthew_kaspar23 • Dylan Hagenburger @dylan.hagenburger8 • McKenna Murray

In appreciation of the PRCA rodeo held in Vegas, Matthew, Dylan, and McKenna all wanted a western/cowboy/girl theme. As our location naturally had a lot of lines and angles, we played with the concept of masculine energy for this Challenge.

Real masculinity isn’t toxic. And it’s not about male vs. female. It’s also not about being  “buff” or cocky or louder than the rest. 

Masculine energy isn’t about being a man, per se, as women also can have masculine energy. Masculine energy is an ideal that includes these qualities:

  • Powerful Presence 
  • Undaunted Ambition 
  • Clarity of Focus
  • Generosity of Heart 
  • Largeness of Mind
  • Strength of Body and Resolve
  • Fiercely Protective Instinct

Masculine energy is present in all of us and is dominant in some. It’s a very real, very human thing you can choose to develop in yourself.

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