Las Vegas EDITION 2023

October 1, 2023      #onecollective        #oclv23

Surreal Lights & Glitter Bright

Join us in the sprawling cluster of bright lights amidst the stark, high desert mountains of Las Vegas!

The fast-paced lifestyle of Vegas quickly creates a surreal and hyper-realistic experience.

While the Vegas Strip is filled with glitz and glimmer, the surrounding desert holds a striking and sweeping beauty of its own.

Come explore the glittery city and the barren, yet beautiful, desert.

Participating Photographers

Gretchen Leigh Photography

Photog: Gretchen Higgins

Jody Rael Photography

Photog: Jody Rael

Video: Mindy Brunkhardt


Palms Place Condo Tower

Rep 1: 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

Rep 2: 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Travel to the Arts District


Funk Yard Lot Public Parking

Google Maps Link Here

Location: Arts District

Style: Little Black Dress

11-11:15 - Group video & photos
11:15-11:30 - Rotation 1
11:30-11:45 - Rotation 2
11:45-noon - Rotation 3

Lunch in the Arts District

Specific location: Check the WhatsApp Group

Look change

Travel to the Nelsons' Ghost Town

Google Maps


Meet in parking area

Go to main building by the Coca-Cola sign for Nelsons' debriefing

Location: Nelsons' Ghost Town

Style: Nelsons' October

2:30 to 4:00 PM

  • Group video & photos - 2:30-2:45
  • Rotation 1: 2:45-3:05
  • Rotation 2: 3:05-3:25
  • Rotation 3: 3:25-3:45

Look change

bathroom, etc.

Drive to Lake Mojave Nelson's Landing Jumping Off Point

Location: Lake Mojave

Style: Cliff Walk

4:30 to 6:30 PM

  • Group video & photos - 4:30-4:50
  • Rotation 1: 4:50-5:15
  • Rotation 2: 5:15-5:40
  • Rotation 3: 5:40-6:05

Location: Lazy Dog in Town Square Las Vegas

7:30 to 9-ish PM

Style Guide

The Little Black Dress is more an idea than any one specific style or piece of clothing.

Which is why women or men can wear any style of ubiquitous attire that, with the right accessories, fits any occasion.

We do want to keep to the black color, which adds a touch of universal sophistication.

Every person should own a simple, elegant black dress (women) or suit (men) that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion.

For example, the LBD can be worn with a jean jacket and cowboy boots for a casual concert. It can also be worn with more formal accessories for a formal event such as prom or family wedding.

This type of attire, whether for men or women, is intended to be long-lasting, versatile, affordable, and widely accessible.

For the ladies, the type of attire can be a short or long dress, pants suit, jumper or jumpsuit; something form-fitting, frothy, flowy, or layered. The piece could also have interesting architectural elements like straps or cutouts, structured shoulders or slit cape sleeves.

Once you choose your basic piece, it needs to be accessorized. Style down your little black dress with some cowgirl, grunge, punk, or goth elements, or dress it up with more classy or bling-y accessories.

Guys, also, need attire that is universally adjustable as the women's little black dress.

For men, this is a classic three-piece suit in navy, charcoal or black. A three-piece suit, of course, is a pair of pants, jacket and tie.

For more formal occasions, the suit could be accessorized with a coordinating vest, man's dress watch, pocket square, and sunglasses.

To make it more casual, swap out the button-down shirt for a basic, well-fitting charcoal tee. Keep the jacket, but loose the tie and add a pair of Nike shoes.

Or really make it more comfortable with a vest over a rolled-sleeve button-down shirt with suspenders.

For guys, the attire could be worn dressed up for a school dance or dressed down for a job interview.

Little Black Dress Style Board

girls look: tulle/full lace skirt for the girls, with a different attitude on the top.

guys look: the look is a little more wide open. light colored pants with a chunky sweater and a jacket over the top.

shoes; something that will allow you to walk on rough ground - but not obnoxiously uncoordinated with your outfit. combat boots are cool.

Nelsons' October Style Board

The Cliff Walk style is all about the ethereal.

Think "other-worldly" -- like you've just landed on Mars -- and you decide to take a walk through the cliffs --- in a tulle skirt or a dress shirt and jeans.

For shoes, wear something that will allow you to walk on rough ground - but not something obnoxiously uncoordinated with your outfit. Black laced boots (Docs or combats) would be good.

For ladies, pare down your Nelsons' October look and keep the outfit simple and ethereal. Remove the bling and accessories, but consider adding about 6-8 yards of extra chiffon fabric or tulle that coordinates with your dress or skirt.

For the guys, go with a solid-colored button up shirt with rolled sleeves (no graphic tees, though). For pants, well-fitting, relaxed, comfy dark-wash jeans (not ripped, frayed, or oversized). If you added a long, billowing trench coat, that would be amazing.

Cliff Walk Style Board