Lake Tahoe EDITION 2022

Wednesday & Thursday
June 22nd & 23rd, 2022

Pristine Alpine Retreat

Lake Tahoe steals the breath at every turn.

Sandy beaches. Rocky coves. Deep forests. Craggy mountain peaks. Broad grassy meadows. Cold, rushing waterfalls. Crystal clear pools.

A picture to make the soul weep with the beauty. the expansive majesty, and the grandeur of Lake Tahoe.

And a place every individual should experience at least once in his or her life.

As the largest alpine lake on the North American continent, Lake Tahoe is nestled in the northern reaches of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range between California and Nevada.

Lake Tahoe has all four seasons, and mid-June is the perfect time to visit. The grassy meadows and deciduous trees have reached their fullest and tallest stand. The temperature warms during the day and cools off at night, making Lake Tahoe the ideal location for a summer vacation.

Don't miss this experience!

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Sam Marvin Photography

Photog: Sam Marvin

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Photog: Jody Rael

Photog: Mindy Brunkhardt

Style Guide

Campcore revolves around the adventure of exploring the great outdoors in such activities as camping, hiking, and stargazing.

The style revolves around neutral, earthy tones, with rugged touches of canvas, leather, flannel, and knit.

Campcore focuses on connecting with nature and enjoying the forest and other natural landforms around you. Prepare to make mud pies, build rock pyramids, watch for wildlife and birds, hunt for treasure, collect wood for a campfire, explore the shoreline of Lake Tahoe, and the towering forests.

Campcore Style Board

Bohemian style, in general, is all about loose, comfortable silhouettes, natural fabrics, patterns, and color.

There is often a relaxed, unfussy feel to the aesthetic and a tendency to embrace vintage and authentic styles.

Warm Tone Boho Flow focuses on the warmer autumn color palette: oranges, reds, yellows, mauves, golds, and greens. Clothing that has patterns is great, as well as pieces where the overall tone is in these fall colors.

For both guys and girls, boho style is about expressing yourself and feeling comfortable in what you wear.

Boho Flow Style Board

Lagenlook means “layered look” in German, and has been a popular way of dressing in Europe for some time. This style involves layers & layers of unconventionally shaped clothing worn one on top of the other to create a one-of-a-kind statement.

For our style, we are limiting the look to one specific color for each rep. Perhaps you find a rose-colored layered tulle skirt, so you would stay in that color scheme. Or you have an asymmetrical hooded tunic in steal blue, so you would stick with the darker blue tones and add to your ensemble with pieces in that color.

This style is about exploring quirky, unusual shapes, material, fabric, cuts, and silhouettes in clothing.

Choosing items that fit with these guidelines but in a similar shade will get you the look desired.

Lagenlook Style Board

A Ralph Lauren style is a blend of Ivy-league and prep styles, everyday apparel, and country club uniform and timeless workwear-rooted silhouettes.

It is a simple, everyday sophistication. Keep the look to a more nautical feel as we will be shooting this look an actual yacht

Look for classic elements of Ralph Lauren: polo and Oxford shirts, trousers or chino shorts, knit sweaters and blazers.

For the ladies or the guys, the outfit could look like it came out of the 1960s, the 1980s, or the 2020s, as that is the look of Ralph Lauren - timeless and classic.

Ralph Lauren Style Board

In Italian, dolci means “sweetheart”, so we are repeating ourselves with Dolci Summer Sweetheart.

This style, though, is all about easy and simple, as we are looking for the feel of an easy-breezy garden party.

The look is more formal than a summer bar-b-que, but far more casual than a garden party with royalty.

Dolci Summer Sweethearts Style Board