Kelsie – Featured Studio Rep – Las Vegas 2021

Kelsie Broussard

Instagram | @kelsie_ko2

Photographer | Jen Rickard – Lafeyette, LA
Instagram | @jen_fourjphotography
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Hi I’m Kelsie Lynn Broussard and I am 18 years old a senior in high school. What I would have to say my biggest challenge that I have overcome and shaped my personality is that I never really wanted to step outside my shell and became very very anti-social. I wasn’t the brightest nor was I the skinniest out of the bunch. I went through a stage I was bullied in school because I wasn’t the smallest and I couldn’t do as many activities because I would run out of breath and die out really quickly. I was just not happy with myself, so I would seclude myself away from all the others. That really affected me because I never really got into the social crowd, never really had friends, and I was very lonely.

 It took me a while to realize “your beautiful, just the way you are!” and I really wish I would’ve told myself that earlier because I would’ve had so many more experiences than I do now. When I got the realization of all this was in 8th grade and it was just a overwhelming feeling and I finally told myself you are beautiful just the way you are and I shouldn’t care about other people’s opinions. This realization opened up a new gate for me, I ended up getting tons of amazing friends, I started hanging out with a lot more people, and just making lots of amazing memories. I was finally starting to enjoy school and I think that’s what really took a toll on my life for the longest time is I just never got out of my shell because I was so petrified of what people would think of me when In all reality that’s not what mattered. And now I am just the goofiest person you’ll probably ever meet and I’ll talk and crack jokes as well as run around with people. I just really really wish people would just know to step outside their shell a little bit more and show who they really are.