Jordyn – Featured Studio Rep – Las Vegas 2021

Jordyn Dekoven

Instagram | @Jordyn_dekoven

Photographer | Jody Rael, Las Vegas, NV
Instagram | @jodyrael
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My name is Jordyn Dekoven, and I live in the wonderful Las Vegas. I grew up with divorced parents and little brother. My mother raised both my brother and I and made sure we had everything we needed. But throughout my childhood, I was always told to be a kid and enjoy my youth, but it never really felt like it should to me. I felt like I should be doing something to make sure I wasn’t looked at as the silly little kid who knew nothing. I would work so hard to make sure my homework was done every night and that I would never be late, to make sure I was a good older sister to my brother, and to try and not rely on other people with stuff I can easily do. So from a young age I had to grow up fast and henceforth doing that for me personally that led to great work ethics and a good mentality for work. 

Even though it was a lot of work, my mom always supported me and made me feel sure that I was loved and that even if I failed at it I had tried my best. Throughout my high school experience, I was able to use these skills, and it made my life so much easier. I was able to enjoy myself, live out my full high school experience of going out with my friends on Friday nights, play and manage two different sports, pre-corona, with the ability to get all my work done. I am so happy to have had a loving and supporting mom to help me through all of this and helped me be the person I am today.