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South Padre Island

Saturday, June 12th

Sun & Sea - south Padre Ed. 2021

Grab your sunscreen and swimsuit and join us for our next adventure in the sun, sand and sea!

On Saturday, June 12th One Collective studios will head to South Padre Island to explore the gulf coast with clients and models. We will shoot a variety of locations and fun and fashionable beach-vibe looks. Traveling to this area is quick and easy, making it a great in-and-out-weekend. Or you could stay a few days and make it a memorable vacation!

One thing is for sure though, you will not want to miss the experience!

Thanks for joining us!

Model Release and Agreement

Studio reps may have completed a model release and agreement for their specific photographer. This release and agreement is for OneCollective and all OneCollective Member Photographers so everyone needs to complete this one.

Tagging Info

OneCollective would love it if you shared images and behind the scenes video of our shoot.

Please remember to tag these entities participating in this event.





Jody Rael Photography

Photog: Jody Rael

Photog: Mindy Brunkhardt

Two Girls and a Lens

Photog: Seeley Casey

Richard Parker Photography

Photog: Richard Parker

Video: Cole Parker

OneCollective Reps

Mia Anderson


Studio: @TwoGirlsandaLens

Mikayla Cowan headshot

Mikayla Cowan



Sofia OCSPI21
Sofia OCSPI21
Sofia OCSPI21
Sofia OCSPI21
Sofia OCSPI21
Sofia OCSPI21

Sofia Forrest-Turner


Studio: @Jodyrael

Phoebe Hollingsworth


Studio: @TwoGirlsandaLens

Jenna Mitchell



Lauren Poole



Kendall Rieder



Evie Rossmann


Studio: @Jodyrael


Hair and makeup services provided by licensed and highly skilled entrepreneurs.

As with most service providers, tipping is appreciated.

Bliss Bridal Beauty Bar

South Padre Island, TX

Jasmin Ochoa

"I'm her, and more."

Studio Rep Photoshoot Preparation

A OneCollective MeetUp is different from a 20-minute concept shoot session or even a 3-hour personal brand/senior portrait session. To make the most of this experience, here are some recommendations from the photographers:

Underarms, legs, & bikini line - shave every morning, or wax a few days before

Fingernails and toenails - real/artificial nails; keep to a natural length with natural or neutral paint

Wax or trim eyebrows and nose hair

Moisturize all of your skin - arms, legs, face, belly, lips

Wash and completely dry hair the night before. Do not come with greasy or wet hair.

Air dry hair, if possible

Do not wash your hair the morning of the photoshoot

Clean your face thoroughly at the end of the day to remove makeup (more than just a makeup wipe - use a face cleanser and moisturizer as well)

Nude-colored supporting strapless bra

Nude-colored supporting bra with straps

Nude-colored booty shorts - this will make changing outfits less revealing

Consider wearing a nude-colored spanx shaper (if you need it)

Please, NO sports bras

Get plenty of sleep leading up to the event

Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and moisturized (especially if you are just visiting the desert because you will dry out quickly!)

Avoid heavy perfumes

Wear clear-dry deodorant

Remember that you are borrowing this clothing

Avoid heavy perfumes

Use clear-dry deodorant to avoid leaving marks

Take care when putting on and taking off the clothing to not get makeup stains on them (pull collars away from face, but do not stretch the collars)

You can buy the clothing if you love it!

If the tags show, remove the tags.

Please keep the tags and return with the clothing to your photographer after that day’s shoot.

If the clothing has wrinkles, use a steamer with distilled water to avoid white mineral deposits on the clothing.


Rain jacket

A couple towels from your hotel room

Small touch-up makeup kit

Hair ties and other hair touch-up items

Snacks, such as nuts, fruit, and water

Secondary, backup outfits


Sunscreen & aloe vera

Bug spray

Nipple pasties


Booty shorts

Flip flops / slide-on shoes

Blister care bandaids

Butt glue / fashion tape



Nude undergarments

Nail glue & paint remover

Itinerary & Locations

Times and Locations Subject to Change
Day 1: Thursday, June 10
Day 2: Saturday, June 12
  • 1:30 - 2:15 PM

    Skater Girl

    1200 Padre Blvd

    Flip Flop Inn
    (abandoned hotel)
    east of Denny's restaurant

  • 2:30-2:45 PM

    Skater Girl

    1201 Padre Blvd

    Pineapple Ninjaz
    at Island Fun Park
    (race car & putt putt course)

  • 3:15 - 4 PM

    Knits & Cuts
    (Look 1)

    Location #1:
    1-421 E Queen Isabella Blvd

    Port Isabel Lighthouse & Market

  • 10 PM

    Dinner at LongBoard Bar & Grill

    205 W Palm St

    Please join us for dinner. At LongBoard, minors are allowed, and the kitchen closes at 11:30. Many other restaurants close their kitchens earlier and/or do not allow minors.

Style Guide

The first look features bright, bubbly, fun-in-sun roller skate outfits. And, of course, roller skates will take this look to the next level, but it is not only about the skates.

One way to achieve this look is to pair colorful shorts with a halter top or strapped crop top. Another way is with a sensational one piece or a two-piece terry cloth shorts and top set!

Add some funky fun shades, knee-high tube socks and maybe a retro Walkman or boom box and get ready to have a roller skatin’ good time!

Skater Girl Style Board

The idea behind this look is layers, texture, and fringe, and it is designed for summer beach days!

Crochet outfits often have a custom, handmade look and feel to it. And who doesn’t like handmade!

Knit wear provides so many ways for people to express themselves.

Typically, crochet and knit clothing has a see-through nature, so adding colorful swimsuits or other under garments under the knits create one-of-a-kind looks.

Layer a crochet top over a swimsuit or bikini set with cut-off jeans, add some fun sandals or cute wedges and you’ll be ready for this shoot!

Knits & Cuts Style Board

Part of the inspiration for this look comes from many of the fashion magazine covers seen gracing the news stands of local markets and bookstores.

Magazine covers are designed to grab the attention and draw the reader into the content.

Though many of the outfits on the Style Board have floral prints. the Bold Editorial style focuses on big, bold prints, colors, and patterns.

These bright outfits with unique tailoring draw in the viewer and hold the gaze.

Another consideration with coastal beach locations is the breezes and wind. Outfits that have flow and movement will make for dramatic effects in the final images.

Though we are shooting near the Chapel by the Sea and the sand dunes, medium to high heels are needed to finish off the look. Heels encourage good posture, and the angle of the shoe activates the calf muscles making the legs look amazing. 

Bold Editorial Style Board


Most communication for this event will take place through the mobile app: GroupMe, available for free
download through the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

You will receive a text or email message once you are added to the group.

Please expect an invite from GroupMe soon!

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Weather is fickle and unpredictable. Unfortunately, just like OneCollective annual Big Events, Meetups are not postponed or rescheduled for weather. We do the best we can with the circumstances at hand. Please be patient if there is weather, as we navigate stops and pauses, restarts, location adjustments, etc.

Dining Out

Restaurant choices and eating times are suggestions only to help create community. You may certainly arrange your own plans if you choose to eat separately.

Meals are paid by individuals. Studios or are not covering the cost of meals at restaurants, unless specified by your photographer.


Courtyard by Marriott South Padre Island
6700 Padre Blvd, South Padre Island, TX 78597-7718

1 (956) 433-0590

Hilton Garden Inn South Padre Island
7010 Padre Blvd, South Padre Island, TX 78597-7726
1 (855) 618-4697

Isla Grand Beach Resort
500 Padre Blvd, South Padre Island, TX 78597-6615
(956) 551-7116