In the Heart of London: A Brit Color Pop Goth Photoshoot by OneCollective


London’s financial district, a concrete jungle of towering skyscrapers and modernist architecture, serves as a mesmerizing backdrop for creative exploration. OneCollective, a group of visionary photographers and video creators hailing from different corners of the United States, recently embarked on a captivating journey through this urban landscape. Join us as we delve into a unique photoshoot that seamlessly blended the grit and glamour of the financial district with the vibrant aesthetics of Brit Color Pop Goth fashion.

The Setting – Iconic London Structures

Nestled between iconic landmarks like the Gherkin, St. Andrew’s Church on St. Mary Axe, the Walkie Talkie building with the Sky Garden, and the Lloyd Building, the OneCollective team found themselves amidst architectural wonders that define London’s skyline. From the gleaming glass facades to the historic cobblestone streets, this dynamic environment set the stage for an unforgettable photoshoot.

The Models

Our three charismatic models, each exuding their unique sense of style, became the focal point of this creative endeavor. What made this shoot even more intriguing was the spontaneous coordination of their outfits – all three donned striking black attire accented with bold, vibrant shades of red.

Jarren embraced a dance-inspired goth look, featuring a bright red mesh shirt under a black Victorian waistcoat. A fiery-red studded belt defined the waist of this black shorts. With his tattoos and white platform square-toed boots adorned with hand-drawn graphics, his outfit radiated an air of rebellion, contrasting starkly with the polished corporate facades that surrounded him.

Sami’s ensemble was a fusion of gothic and pop aesthetics. She donned a flowing black half skirt with a black spandex bodysuit and shorts. With a dramatic red sparkle belt and shoes, she created an aura of mystery that perfectly complemented the urban landscape.

Jack’s outfit epitomized modern sophistication with a bold twist. His black pants and white short-sleeve shirt was more subtle, and created a simple and powerful statement against the backdrop of corporate London.

The Photoshoot

The OneCollective team was armed with wide-angle lenses and a keen eye for capturing the extraordinary in the mundane. Employing low angles, they skillfully framed shots that incorporated both the models and the imposing skyscrapers, resulting in a visual dialogue between fashion and finance.

As the models navigated the bustling streets of the financial district, cameras clicked and shutters snapped, immortalizing the striking contrast between their Brit Color Pop Goth outfits and the sleek, glass-fronted buildings. The interplay of light and shadow on the models’ red accents against the city’s monochromatic backdrop added depth and drama to the photographs.

Creative Collaboration – Video Creators

In addition to the talented photographers, two video creators brought their unique skills to the shoot. Through their lenses, they crafted visual narratives that seamlessly blended the pulsating energy of London’s financial district with the charisma of the models.

The Grand Finale – Leadenhall Market

The culmination of this extraordinary journey took place at the historic Leadenhall Market, a Victorian masterpiece with ornate design and vibrant energy. Here, amidst the market’s arches and cobblestone streets, the models’ Brit Color Pop Goth outfits came to life in a vivid, contrasting tableau.


OneCollective’s Brit Color Pop Goth photoshoot in London’s financial district was a celebration of creative expression amidst the city’s corporate grandeur. The unplanned coordination of the models’ black attire with bold red accents added an unexpected layer of intrigue to the visual narrative. This photoshoot masterfully blurred the lines between high fashion and urban landscapes, reminding us that art and beauty can be found in the most unexpected places. It showcased London’s financial district not just as a hub of business but also as a canvas for artistic exploration and creative collaboration.