Texas senior portrait photography

-This month’s challenge theme-

Shooting with Gels

Each studio, in collaboration with their studio reps, created images they felt best fit the theme.

Jody Rael – Las Vegas, NV

Jody Rael Photography @jodyrael

Studio Reps: Raelene Cardona • @raelenemua_ Cody Schaefer • @cody.schaefer Jordyn DeKoven • @jordyn_dekoven  Eleni Ciulla • @eleniciulla  Sofia Forrest-Turner • @sofiaforrestturner  Lyla Miller • @lyla.miller

HMUAs: @amrabeauty_ @ohheyyjas @raelenemua_

Las Vegas studio senior photos with gels What is a gel? “A color gel or color filter, also known as lighting gel or simply gel, is a transparent colored material that is used in theater, event production, photography, videography and cinematography to color light and for color correction.” ~ Magnum .

Richard Parker – Austin, TX

In Frame: Josie Sheen @josiescheen and Reese Donnelly @reese_donnelly

Texas senior portrait photography

How talented are Josie and Reese with this Gel Challenge! Getting these in-studio images into post production and starting in on the editing process, it just seemed that they would benefit from some fun image overlays. I pulled several landscape images from a Big Bend wilderness trip I took a few years back. One was a Milky Way shot and another was a photo of this 150 year old lead mine in the middle of no.wherezzz in the desert south of Big Bend. In fact it was about 50 miles from any paved road. I used these images a little to promote my model team this year playing off of a 1980’s arcade vibe. Totally radical dude!

Janet Taub- New Milford, CT   @planetphoto_jp

Studio Reps: Sam McCaughan @samlmcc04

New Milford CT studio teen shoot with gels

“The eye is always caught by light, but the shadows have more to say” Gregory Maguire



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