Eldorado Dry Lake Bed

James Bond-esque

“Bond. James Bond.”




Begin theme music.

Followed by gun fire, an explosion, and a high-speed car chase through Las Vegas and ending in the empty expanse of a dry lake bed.


James Bond, the iconic character from Ian Fleming’s novels and decades of Bond films, inspired a sophisticated set to a backdrop of solar panels against imposing mountains and bright blue skies, and miles of nothing else - not even sagebrush or a pebble.


The dry lake beds of the western United States are not unique world-wide, but they are perhaps the most filmed and photographed.



The dry lake bed OneCollective visited on the morning of the third day of shooting is located in the Eldorado Valley, and is part of the Great Basin valley of the Mojave Desert, to the southeast of Las Vegas. 


While this brief morning stop provided the photographers a cinematic look, the reps accomplished it with grace, style, and drama fit for any James Bond character.


Dressed in a variety of stunning long evening gowns or sharp-looking tuxedos with cumberbuns, the models look as if they just stepped off of the set of a real life James Bond movie.  


We were lucky enough to score the brother of one of the models to be our very own James Bond!