Arts District

Free-Spirited, Raw, Vibes.


Arts District


Neon lights, flashing signs and the busyness of colors brings thoughts of Las Vegas that attracts the tourists.  


As flashy as the Strip is, the Arts District of Las Vegas showcases a different side of the city, one that hosts the quieter lifeblood of the Valley.  


Similar to other cities with art districts, the 18b Arts District of Las Vegas exudes life in every over-saturated hue and color. 


Surrounded by desert, this central part of town gives locals easygoing vibes and beautiful murals created by local, talented artists line every wall. And the Las Vegas Arts District did not disappoint.


The walls & alleyways consist of every color of the rainbow and that raw, expressive talent is just a piece of what makes an art district thrive.


Live music, outdoor dining, lounges, new coffee shops, wine bars, and boutiques -- some very unique to Las Vegas -- fill the buildings on these 18 blocks. Compared to the ringing of slot machines and gambling tables in the ritzy casinos, this area furnishes an unfettered and free-spirited atmosphere. 


Shooting in an urban area such as this can present its challenges -- bystanders, stinky alleyways, private property signs, and traffic. Despite the extra hassle, the OC reps brought more positivity to the Arts District than it has seen over the past year.


For styling for this area, the photographers decided that the reminiscent ‘90s grunge fit here.


Dark colors, fishnets and beanies, boots and flannels, denim jackets and ripped jeans, stockings and plaid skirts depicted the imperturbable individual encompassing the anti-consumerism youth movement of Gen X and the grunge music they loved. 


These images should bring back memories of grunge bands, such as Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam.  


Classic, yet edgy, this style is trending again in current culture, and it blends perfectly with the LV Arts District.


Considering that the grunge style arose from the underground music scene and squashed the preppy looks of the time -- it gave people a voice and artistic style to “go against the norm” and style with an anti-fashion, fashion statement that rings true to this day. 


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